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  • Barneradiologi i Norge per 2013 

    Feed, Aud (The University of Bergen, 2014-06-21)
    During the past 50 years we have experienced a significant development in radiology, with the introduction of ultrasound during the 70-ties, CT during the 80-ties and MRI during the 90-ties. According to the most recent ...
    Student paper
  • Positive deviance. A literature review about the relevance for health promotion 

    van Dick, Geke; Scheffel, Rianca (The University of Bergen and Wageningen University and Research Centre, 2015-01)
    The purpose of this paper is to explore if positive deviance can be a relevant concept for health promotion. Health promotion focusses on enabling individuals and communities to increase control over and to improve their ...
    Student paper
  • Tre studier i Vergilius' Aeneid: Ideologi och litterär påverkan i skildringen av Neptunus, Aeolus, Aeneas och Iulus 

    Sandin, Pär (2010-08-12)
    (1) In Aen. 1.50-156, Aeolus, king of winds, enforces his will by imperium, vincla ('fetters') and carcer ('imprisonment'), but his vanquisher, Neptune, lord of the sea, by dictis ('words'), hence relying on natural authority ...
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