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  • Bridging the ensemble Kalman filter and particle filters: the adaptive Gaussian mixture filter 

    Stordal, Andreas Størksen; Karlsen, Hans A.; Nævdal, Geir; Skaug, Hans J.; Vallès, Brice (Springer, 2010)
    The nonlinear filtering problem occurs in many scientific areas. Sequential Monte Carlo solutions with the correct asymptotic behavior such as particle filters exist, but they are computationally too expensive when working ...
    Peer reviewedJournal article
  • Data assimilation for coastal zone monitoring and forecasting 

    Evensen, Geir; Drange, Helge (Elsevier Science, 1997)
  • Inverse Methods and Data Assimilation in Nonlinear Ocean Models 

    Evensen, Geir (Elsevier, 1994-10-01)
    An overview is given of the current status of inverse methods and data assimilation for nonlinear ocean models. The inverse theory for time dependent dynamical models is formulated and the most promising solution methods ...
    Journal article
  • Ocean data assimilation systems for GODAE 

    Cummings, James; Bertino, Laurent; Brasseur, Pierre; Fukumori, Ichiro; Kamachi, Masafumi; Martin, Matthew J.; Mogensen, Kristian; Oke, Peter; Testut, Charles Emmanuel; Verron, Jaques; Weaver, Anthony (The Oceanography Society, 2009-09)
    Ocean data assimilation has matured to the point that observations are now routinely combined with model forecasts to produce a variety of ocean products. Approaches to ocean data assimilation vary widely both in terms ...
    Journal article
  • Parameter Estimation Solving a Weak Constraint Variational Formulation for an Ekman Model 

    Eknes, Mette; Evensen, Geir (American Geophysical Union, 1997-06-15)
    A weak constraint variational formulation is used for inverse calculations and parameter estimation in a one-dimensional Ekman model. When parameters in the model are allowed to contain errors, the inverse problem becomes ...
    Journal article