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  • Deep sea sedimentary analogs for the Vostok ice core 

    Mortyn, P. Graham; Charles, Christopher D.; Ninnemann, Ulysses Silas; Ludwig, Kristen; Hodell, David A. (American Geophysical Union and the Geochemical Society, 2003-08-07)
    Many applications of the Vostok ice core depend critically on the ability to make stratigraphic ties to marine records in the adjacent Southern Ocean. Here we present oxygen isotopic records from high accumulation rate ...
    Journal articlePeer reviewed
  • Modeling the middle Pliocene climate with a global atmospheric general circulation model 

    Jiang, Dabang; Wang, Huijun; Ding, Zhongli; Lang, Xianmei; Drange, Helge (American Geophysical Union, 2005-07-27)
    A new climate simulation for the middle Pliocene (ca. 3 Ma BP) is performed by a global grid-point atmospheric general circulation model developed at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP AGCM) with boundary conditions ...
    Journal articlePeer reviewed
  • Variability in ISOW vigor over the last 1300 years and its relationship to climate 

    Mjell, Tor Lien (The University of Bergen, 2009-06-02)
    Resolving the scale and origins of recent low frequency (decadal-centennial) climate variations, such as the AMO, is crucial for predicting how natural variability and anthropogenic forcing will interact to affect future ...
    Master thesis