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  • Dependencies: No Software is an Island 

    Tellnes, Jørgen (The University of Bergen, 2013-10-15)
    In the past years, package managers, application frameworks and open-source libraries have made it vastly simpler and faster to get functioning software up and running, while cloud providers and external service providers ...
    Master thesis
  • DSpace AddOn and Component Management System 

    Jones, Richard (2006-04-24)
    With moves towards increasing the modularity of DSpace, and the idea that DSpace should act, at least in part, like a platform for repository activities, it is necessary to consider how to manage extensions to the core ...
    Conference object
  • A Literatura Factorial [l!] 

    Seica, Alvaro (Universidade Fernando Pessoa, 2013)
    Centrando-se na hiperficção, este ensaio apresenta algumas proto-hiperficções, preocupadas com as temáticas combinatórias da literatura, ars combinatoria, e com a sua composição permutacional, num movimento que ainda hoje ...
    Journal article
  • openXdata Mobile Charts: Instant graphic reports on mobile devices. Prototype software development and system usability survey 

    Ahmed, Owais Uddin (The University of Bergen, 2011-11-04)
    Researchers working in international health may require the use of charts to quickly visualize data and see trends. These may be required at frequent intervals. The openXdata Mobile Charts prototype was developed as software ...
    Master thesis