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  • Enrichment promotes learning in fish 

    Strand, David A.; Utne-Palm, Anne C.; Jakobsen, Per Johan; Braithwaite, Victoria A.; Jensen, Knut Helge; Salvanes, Anne Gro Vea (Inter-Research, 2010-08-18)
    Captive birds and mammals reared in enriched rearing environments have been shown to behave more flexibly compared to animals reared in impoverished or plain environments. Recent evidence has shown that this is also true ...
  • LOC689986, a unique gene showing specific expression in restricted areas of the rodent neocortex 

    Ersland, Kari Merete; Håvik, Bjarte; Rinholm, Johanne Egge; Gundersen, Vidar; Stansberg, Christine; Steen, Vidar Martin (BioMed Central, 2013-07-11)
    Background: The neocortex is a highly specialised and complex brain structure, involved in numerous tasks, ranging from processing and interpretation of somatosensory information, to control of motor functions. The normal ...