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  • Farmer’s Adaptation to Global Warming in Punjab 

    Keys, Torill (The University of Bergen, 2011-05-16)
    The global warming discourse has mainly focused on how to prevent global warming by trying to pin-point which countries should take most of the responsibility to stop or reduce the possible effects of global warming. We ...
    Master thesis
  • Identifying the driving factors behind observed elevational range shifts on European mountains 

    Grytnes, John-Arvid; Kapfer, Jutta; Jurasinski, Gerald; Birks, Hilary H.; Henriksen, Hanne; Klanderud, Kari; Odland, Arvid; Ohlson, Mikael; Wipf, Sonja; Birks, Harry John Betteley (Wiley, 2014-04-13)
    Aim In recent decades species ranges have shifted upwards in elevation and northwards in latitude. These shifts are commonly interpreted as a response to recent climate warming. However, several alternative hypotheses have ...
    Journal article
  • Responses of tundra plants to experimental warming : meta-analysis of the international tundra experiment 

    Arft, A. M.; Walker, M. D.; Gurevitch, J.; Alatalo, J. M.; Bret-Harte, M. S.; Dale, M.; Diemer, M.; Gugerli, F.; Henry, G. H. R.; Jones, M. H.; Hollister, R. D.; Jónsdóttir, I. S.; Laine, K.; Lévesque, E.; Marion, G. M.; Molau, U.; Mølgaard, P.; Nordenhäll, U.; Raszhivin, V.; Robinson, C. H.; Starr, G.; Stenström, A.; Stenström, M.; Totland, Ørjan; Turner, P. L.; Walker, L. J.; Webber, P. J.; Welker, J. M.; Wookey, P. A. (Ecological Society of America, 1999)
    The International Tundra Experiment (ITEX) is a collaborative, multisite experiment using a common temperature manipulation to examine variability in species response across climatic and geographic gradients of tundra ...
    Journal articlePeer reviewed