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  • Does snail grazing affect growth of the old forest lichen Lobaria pulmonaria? 

    Gauslaa, Y.; Holien, H.; Ohlson, M.; Solhøy, Torstein (Cambridge University Press, 2006)
    Grazing marks from snails are frequently observed in populations of the old forest epiphyte Lobaria pulmonaria. However, grazing marks are more numerous in thalli from deciduous broadleaved forests than in thalli from ...
  • Period lenght in cyclic animal populations 

    Högstedt, Göran; Seldal, Tarald; Breistøl, Arild (Ecological Society of America, 2005)
    Although cyclic animal dynamics have long been a focus of scientific interest, the variable cycle lengths are poorly understood. Based on a review of the literature, we suggest that period length in animals showing ...