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  • Annual carbon fluxes in the upper Greenland Sea based on measurements and a box-model approach 

    Anderson, Leif G.; Drange, Helge; Chierici, M.; Fransson, A.; Johannessen, Truls; Skjelvan, Ingunn; Rey, Francisco (Blackwell, 2000-07)
    Measurements of nitrate and the carbonate system parameters performed mainly from 1993 to 1997 have been used to estimate the evolution of the concentration fields over the year in the surface and underlying waters of ...
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  • Anthropogenic increase of oceanic pCO2 in the Barents Sea surface water 

    Omar, Abdirahman M.; Johannessen, Truls; Kaltin, Staffan; Olsen, Are (American Geophysical Union, 2003-12-26)
    We evaluate the change of surface water CO2 partial pressure ( pCO2 sw) in the Barents Sea (BS) between 1967 and 2000–2001. We use temperature (T) data collected during a survey in the BS in 1967 and a relationship between ...
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  • Assessing Model Uncertainties Through Proper Experimental Design 

    Hvidevold, Hilde Kristine; Alendal, Guttorm; Johannessen, Truls; Mannseth, Trond (Elsevier, 2013)
    This paper assesses how parameter uncertainties in the model for rise velocity of CO2 droplets in the ocean cause uncertainties in their rise and dissolution in marine waters. The parameter uncertainties in the rise velocity ...
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  • Deep ocean experiments with fossil fuel carbon dioxide: creation and sensing of a controlled plume at 4 km depth 

    Brewer, Peter G.; Peltzer, Edward T.; Walz, Peter; Aya, Izuo; Yamane, Kenji; Kojima, Ryuji; Nakajima, Yasuharu; Nakayama, Noriko; Haugan, Peter Mosby; Johannessen, Truls (Sears Foundation for Marine Research, 2005-01)
    The rapidly rising levels of atmospheric and oceanic CO2 from the burning of fossil fuels has lead to well-established international concerns over dangerous anthropogenic interference with climate. Disposal of captured ...
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  • The effect of wind speed products and wind speed-gas exchange relationships on interannual variability of the air-sea CO2 gas transfer velocity 

    Olsen, Are; Wanninkhof, Rik; Triñanes, Joaquin; Johannessen, Truls (Blackwell, 2005)
    The lack of a firm relationship between wind speed (U10) and gas transfer velocity (k) is considered to be one of the factors that hinders accurate quantification of interannual variations of ocean–atmosphere CO2 fluxes. ...
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  • Interannual variability in the wintertime air–sea flux of carbon dioxide in the northern North Atlantic, 1981–2001 

    Olsen, Are; Bellerby, Richard G. J.; Johannessen, Truls; Omar, Abdirahman M.; Skjelvan, Ingunn (Elsevier, 2003)
    Gridded fields of sea surface temperature (SST), sea level pressure (SLP), and wind speed were used in combination with data for the atmospheric mole fraction of CO2 and an empirical relationship between measured values ...
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  • Intermediate water from the Greenland Sea in the Faroe Bank Channel : spreading of released sulphur hexafluoride 

    Olsson, K. Anders; Jeansson, Emil; Anderson, Leif G.; Hansen, Bogi; Eldevik, Tor; Kristiansen, Regin; Messias, Marie-José; Johannessen, Truls; Watson, Andrew J. (Elsevier, 2005-02)
    The Faroe Bank Channel is the deepest passage for dense water leaving the Nordic Seas into the North Atlantic. The contribution to this part of the Greenland-Scotland Overflow by intermediate water from the Greenland ...
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  • Magnitude and Origin of the Anthropogenic CO2 Increase and the 13C Suess Effect in the Nordic Seas since 1981 

    Olsen, Are; Abdirahman, Omar M.; Bellerby, Richard G. J.; Johannessen, Truls; Ninnemann, Ulysses Silas; Brown, Kelly R.; Olsson, K. Anders; Olafsson, Jon; Nondal, Gisle; Kivimäe, Caroline; Kringstad, Solveig; Neill, Craig; Olafsdottir, Solveig (AGU, 2006-09-29)
    This study evaluates the anthropogenic changes of CO2 (∆Cant) and δ13C (∆δ13Cant) in the Nordic seas, the northern limb of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, that took place between 1981 and 2002/03. The ...
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  • Ocean abyssal carbon experiments at 0.7 and 4 km depth 

    Haugan, Peter Mosby; Brewer, Peter G.; Peltzer, Edward T.; Walz, Peter; Aya, Izuo; Yamane, Kenji; Kojima, Ryuji; Nakajima, Yasuharu; Nakayama, Noriko; Hove, Joakim; Johannessen, Truls; Bellerby, Richard G. J.; Alendal, Guttorm (Elsevier, 2005)
    Observations from small-scale (20 to 90 litres) CO2 experiments conducted off the coast of California at 684 m depth and at 3942 m depth are discussed. In both experiments, when the seawater velocity was sufficiently strong, ...
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  • On the nature of the factors that control spring bloom development at the entrance to the Barents Sea and their interannual variability 

    Olsen, Are; Johannessen, Truls; Rey, Francisco (Taylor & Francis, 2003-12)
    Analysis of data obtained by the Institute of Marine Research, Norway, at their regular surveys of the Fugløya-Bjørnøya section, between the northern tip of Norway and Bear Island, has allowed for an identification of the ...
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  • PVTx Properties of a Two-phase CO2 Jet from Ruptured Pipeline 

    Botnen, Helle Augdal; Omar, Abdirahman; Aavatsmark, Ivar; Alendal, Guttorm; Johannessen, Truls (Elsevier, 2013)
    Span and Wagner equation of state (SW EOS) have been used to investigate changes in the thermodynamic properties of CO2 during a depressurization process from a pipeline into marine environment. The process is assumed to ...
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  • Sensitivity of remote sensing – derived phytoplankton productivity to mixed layer depth: Lessons from the carbon-based productivity model 

    Milutinović, Svetlana; Behrenfeld, Michael J.; Johannessen, Johnny A.; Johannessen, Truls (American Geophysical Union, 2009-10-01)
    Mixed layer depth (MLD) has long been recognized as having an important influence on underwater light budget and, thus, net primary productivity (NPP) of phytoplankton. The depth- and wavelength-integrated carbon-based ...
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  • SUCCESS: SUbsurface CO2 storage–Critical elements and superior strategy 

    Aker, Eyvind; Bjørnarå, Tore Ingvald; Braathen, Alvar; Brandvoll, Øyvind; Dahle, Helge K.; Nordbotten, Jan Martin; Aagaard, Per; Hellevang, Helge; Alemu, Binyam Lema; Pham, Van Thi Hai; Johansen, Harald; Wangen, Magnus; Nøttvedt, Arvid; Aavatsmark, Ivar; Johannessen, Truls; Durand, Dominique (Elsevier, 2011)
    SUCCESS is a Center for Environmental Energy Research in Norway and performs research related to geological storage of CO2 in the subsurface. The SUCCESS centre is established by the Research Council of Norway together ...
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