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  • Indicators as tool for managing a library 

    Landøy, Ane (Ane Landøy, 2011)
    In a situation where libraries, as well as other organizations, are under close scrutiny from patrons and funding agencies, the library manager needs some tools for assessing the performance of the library, both as itself ...
  • The influence of anaerobic muscle activity, maturation and season on the flesh quality of farmed turbot 

    Roth, Bjørn; Imsland, Albert K.; Stien, Lars Helge; Schelvis-Smit, Rian; Gunnarsson, Snorri; Foss, Atle (Springer, 2010-04-26)
    In order to test seasonal, rearing, maturing and anaerobic muscle activity effect on the flesh quality of turbot (Scophthalmus maximus) a total of 80 farmed turbot from three different strains from reared under natural ...