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  • Conservation and divergence of chemical defense system in the tunicate Oikopleura dioica revealed by genome wide response to two xenobiotics 

    Yadetie, Fekadu; Butcher, Stephen; Førde, Hilde E.; Campsteijn, Coen; Bouquet, Jean-Marie; Karlsen, Odd André; Denoeud, France; Metpally, Raghu; Thompson, Eric M.; Manak, J. Robert; Goksøyr, Anders; Chourrout, Daniel (BioMed Central Ltd., 2012-02-02)
    Background Animals have developed extensive mechanisms of response to xenobiotic chemical attacks. Although recent genome surveys have suggested a broad conservation of the chemical defensome across metazoans, global ...
    Peer reviewedJournal article
  • Cytoskeleton-mediated templating of complex cellulose-scaffolded extracellular structure and its association with oikosins in the urochordate Oikopleura 

    Sagane, Yoshimasa; Hosp, Julia; Zech, Karin; Thompson, Eric M. (Springer, 2010)
    Oriented cellulose deposition is critical to plant patterning and models suggest microtubules constrain cellulose synthase movements through the plasma membrane. Though widespread in plants, urochordates are the only animals ...
    Peer reviewedJournal article
  • The Evolving Proteome of a Complex Extracellular Matrix, the Oikopleura House 

    Hosp, Julia; Sagane, Yoshimasa; Danks, Gemma; Thompson, Eric M. (Public Library of Science, 2012-07-05)
    Extracellular matrices regulate biological processes at the level of cells, tissues, and in some cases, entire multicellular organisms. The subphylum Urochordata exemplifies the latter case, where animals are partially or ...
    Peer reviewedJournal article
  • Histone variant innovation in a rapidly evolving chordate lineage 

    Moosmann, Alexandra; Campsteijn, Coen; Jansen, Pascal W. T. C.; Nasrallah, Carole; Raasholm, Martina; Stunnenberg, Henk G; Thompson, Eric M. (BioMed Central, 2011-07-15)
    Background: Histone variants alter the composition of nucleosomes and play crucial roles in transcription, chromosome segregation, DNA repair, and sperm compaction. Modification of metazoan histone variant lineages occurs ...
    Peer reviewedJournal article
  • A unified phylogeny-based nomenclature for histone variants 

    Talbert, Paul B.; Ahmad, Kami; Almouzni, Geneviève; Ausió, Juan; Berger, Frederic; Thompson, Eric M.; Bhalla, Prem L.; Bonner, William M.; Cande, W. Zacheus; Chadwick, Brian P.; Chan, Simon W. L.; Cross, George A. M.; Cui, Liwang; Dimitrov, Stefan I.; Doenecke, Detlef; Eirin-López, José M.; Gorovsky, Martin A.; Hake, Sandra B.; Hamkalo, Barbara A.; Holec, Sarah; Jacobsen, Steven E.; Kamieniarz, Kinga; Khochbin, Saadi; Ladurner, Andreas G.; Landsman, David; Latham, John A.; Loppin, Benjamin; Malik, Harmit S.; Marzluff, William F.; Pehrson, John R.; Postberg, Jan; Schneider, Robert; Singh, Mohan B.; Smith, M. M.; Torres-Padilla, Maria-Elena; Tremethick, David J.; Turner, Bryan M.; Waterborg, Jakob H.; Wollmann, Heike; Yelagandula, Ramesh; Zhu, Bing; Henikoff, Steven (BioMed Central, 2012-06-21)
    Histone variants are non-allelic protein isoforms that play key roles in diversifying chromatin structure. The known number of such variants has greatly increased in recent years, but the lack of naming conventions for ...
    Peer reviewedJournal article