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  • Evolution of temperature optimum in Thermotogaceae and the prediction of trait values of uncultured organisms 

    Dahle, Håkon; Hannisdal, Bjarte; Steinsbu, Bjørn Olav; Ommedal, Hege; Einen, Jørn; Jensen, Sigmund; Larsen, Øyvind; Øvreås, Lise; Norland, Svein (Springer Link, 2011-06-03)
    Quantitative characterization of the mode and rate of phenotypic evolution is rarely applied to prokaryotes. Here, we present an analysis of temperature optimum (Topt) evolution in the thermophilic family Thermotogaceae, which ...
  • An experimental study of low-level laser therapy in rat Achilles tendon injury 

    Joensen, Jon; Gjerdet, Nils Roar; Hummelsund, Steinar; Iversen, Vegard Vereide; Lopes-Martins, Rodrigo Álvaro Brandão; Bjordal, Jan Magnus (Springer, 2011-05-06)
    The aim of this controlled animal study was to investigate the effect of low-level laser therapy (LLLT) administered 30 min after injury to the Achilles tendon. The study animals comprised 16 Sprague Dawley male ...