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  • Multisensor approach to automated classification of sea ice image data 

    Bogdanov, Andrey V.; Alexandrov, Vitaly Y.; Sandven, Stein; Johannessen, Ola M.; Bobylev, Leonid P. (IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society, 2005-07)
    A multisensor data fusion algorithm based on a multilayer neural network is presented for sea ice classification in the winter period. The algorithm uses European Remote Sensing (ERS), RADARSAT synthetic aperture radar ...
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  • Sea ice investigations in the Laptev Sea area in late summer using SAR data 

    Sandven, Stein; Dalen, Ø.; Lundhaug, M.; Kloster, Kjell; Alexandrov, Vitaly Y.; Zaitsev, L. V. (The Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute, 2001-10)
    The Laptev Sea area, including the Vilkitsky Strait, is an important part of the Northern Sea Route where the presence of sea ice makes navigation difficult even in the summer season. The objective of this study was therefore ...
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