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Challenges and Prospects of Implementing Citizen’s Charter: A Study of Panchkula (Haryana) Municipal Council in India

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Show simple item record Beniwal, Vijender Singh 2006-06-09T10:44:28Z 2006-06-09T10:44:28Z 2005
dc.identifier.isbn 82-8088-488-2 (electronic version)
dc.description.abstract The Citizen’s Charter has been adopted as a device by the Government of India to induce client his research primarily used a qualitative perspective, attempting to discern the meaning of he empirical evidence suggests that even after one year of its existence, the charter has not focus in the bureaucracy. Its main agenda was to make administration more accountable, responsive, transparent and people-friendly. The charter programme initiatives in essence propose to make public service provision less bureaucratic-dominated and more citizen-led. It aims to empower citizens by mentioning their rights, privileges and duties. Further, the CC strives to develop partnership between citizens and PMC officials to promote joint decisions. T events to the participants. Both primary and secondary sources of data were used to get comprehensive picture of the reality. The researcher contacted with different participants - PMC officials, Municipal Councilors and Citizens to gather information. Besides, officials’ records, documents and other secondary sources were utilized. T made any substantial dent on old bureaucratic service delivery mechanism .The Bureaucratic machinery is still strongly mantled in old set-up, and hence, trying to revert the charter programme. The political executives do not have much concern to further the CC movement. Such attitude on their part has weakened the effectiveness of the charter. On the other hand, the citizens are totally ignorant about the charter programme initiatives. Many frontline officials are also not familiar with the CC measures. The officials hardly made any endeavour to take the charter programme at their door-steps. Those factors, therefore, are constraining the successful implementation of the citizen’s charter at the Panchkula Municipal Council. en
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dc.title Challenges and Prospects of Implementing Citizen’s Charter: A Study of Panchkula (Haryana) Municipal Council in India en
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