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Low Densities of Serotonin and Peptide YY Cells in the Colon of Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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Show simple item record El-Salhy, Magdy Gundersen, Doris Østgaard, Hege Lomholt-Beck, B. Hatlebakk, Jan Gunnar Hausken, Trygve 2012-04-16T09:53:32Z 2012-04-16T09:53:32Z 2011-11-05
dc.identifier.citation Digestive Diseases and Sciences 57(4): 873-878 en
dc.identifier.issn 0163-2116
dc.description.abstract Background The gut hormones are important in regulating gastrointestinal motility. Disturbances in gastrointestinal motility have been reported in patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Reduced endocrine cell density, as revealed by chromogranin A, has been reported in the colon of IBS patients. Aims To investigate a possible abnormality in the colonic endocrine cells of IBS patients. Methods A total of 41 patients with IBS according to Rome Criteria III and 20 controls were included in the study. Biopsies from the right and left colon were obtained from both patients and controls during colonoscopy. The biopsies were immunostained for serotonin, peptide YY (PYY), pancreatic polypeptide (PP), entroglucagon, and somatostatin cells. Cell densities were quantified by computerized image analysis. Results Serotonin and PYY cell densities were reduced in the colon of IBS patients. PP, entroglucagon, and somatostatin- immunoreactive cells were too few to enable reliable quantification. en
dc.language.iso eng en
dc.publisher Springer en
dc.rights Copyright the Author(s) 2011 en
dc.rights.uri en
dc.subject Colon en
dc.subject Immunohistochemistry en
dc.title Low Densities of Serotonin and Peptide YY Cells in the Colon of Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome en
dc.type Peer reviewed en
dc.type Journal article en
dc.subject.nsi VDP::Medical disciplines: 700::Clinical medical disciplines: 750::Gastroenterology: 773 en
dc.type.version publishedVersion en

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