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  • Pseudopartitives in Norwegian 

    Kinn, Torodd (The University of Bergen, 2001-12-14)
    The dissertation investigates Norwegian pseudopartitive constructions like 'a cup of tea', 'three kilometres of road', and 'thousands of students'. A quantifying noun or denominal quantifier in -vis denotes a quantity, ...
    Doctoral thesis
  • The semantic web from a humanities perspective - using the Discovery Project as an annotation to the semantic landscape 

    Jøsendal, Pia Jannike Virmalainen (The University of Bergen, 2008-05-29)
    This thesis will address the semantic web, not from a technical view, but from a proximity and interaction view reflecting upon the purpose and usability of the semantic web and what it can offer. It is a field that has ...
    Master thesis
  • Studying noun categorization in Persian children's story books 

    Seifikhorzooghi, Bahareh (The University of Bergen, 2013-09-01)
    The object of study throughout this thesis is the focus on Eleanor Rosch's principles of noun categorization within Persian children's storybooks.
    Master thesis
  • Syntactic Annotation of Learner Corpora 

    Rosén, Victoria; De Smedt, Koenraad (Novus, 2010)
  • Syntaktisk fraselenking 

    Unhammer, Kevin Brubeck (The University of Bergen, 2010-11-21)
    Denne oppgåva presenterer ein kunnskapsbasert metode for automatisk frasesamanstilling, kor formålet er å annotere ein fleirspråkleg trebank for lingvistiske studium. Dei fleste frasesamanstillingsmetodane nyttar N-gramtabellar ...
    Master thesis
  • Tigrinya Applicatives in Lexical-Functional Grammar 

    Kifle, Nazareth Amlesom (The University of Bergen, 2012-01-20)
    The primary goal of this thesis is to describe and analyze applicative constructions in Tigrinya. An applicative construction is characterized by a verb that bears an affix for an argument that either has a semantic role ...
    Doctoral thesis
  • Translation-based Word Sense Disambiguation 

    Lyse, Gunn Inger (The University of Bergen, 2011-12-09)
    This thesis investigates the use of the translation-based Mirrors method (Dyvik, 2005, inter alia) for Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD) for Norwegian. Word Sense Disambiguation is the process of determining the relevant ...
    Doctoral thesis
  • Translation-based Word Sense Disambiguation: Appendices 

    Lyse, Gunn Inger (2011-04-28)
    Appendix 1: Norwegian ambiguous lemmas in the ENPC where at least two senses have a frequency greater than or equal to 10. Appendix 2: English ambiguous lemmas in the ENPC where at least two senses have a frequency greater ...
  • A Translation-based, Automatically Derived Thesaurus of Lithuanian Adjectives, An Explorative Study 

    Nugaraite, Agne (The University of Bergen, 2014-05-15)
    In this master thesis, I applied the Semantic Mirrors method to the translational correspondences that I have gathered from the parallel corpus. The corpus that I was using was the English-Lithuanian parallel corpus ...
    Master thesis
  • TREPIL: Developing Methods and Tools for Multilevel Treebank Construction 

    Rosén, Victoria; De Smedt, Koenraad; Dyvik, Helge; Meurer, Paul (The University of Bergen, 2005)
    Current trends in language technology require treebanks that do not stop at the level of constituent structure, but include deeper and richer levels of analysis, including appropriate meaning structures. Capturing sufficient ...
  • Universelle representasjoner av norske klokkeslett 

    Ytrestøl, Gisle (The University of Bergen, 2006-02)
    This thesis presents a computational grammar for Norwegian time of day expressions. There is a firm distinction between the syntax of time expressions compared to other domains in Norwegian grammar, as expressions of ...
    Master thesis
  • *Vanlige måter å gjøre feil. Forholdsvis hyppige forekommende, ugrammatiske konstruksjoner i norsk - at, når og hvorfor de brukes 

    Tjervåg, Eirik (The University of Bergen, 2011-11-21)
    Det finnes syntaktiske konstruksjoner parseren synes ha større vansker med å prosessere enn andre. Slike konstruksjoner realiseres forholdsvis ofte som ugrammatiske. Noen av dem presenteres i denne oppgaven, sammen med ...
    Master thesis
  • We speak with our hands and voices": Iconicity in the Adamorobe Sign Language and the Akuapem Twi (Ideophones) 

    Edward, Mary (The University of Bergen, 2015-05-11)
    Abstract This research drew on the linguistic concept of iconicity and with a period of three months, five deaf signers of the Adamorobe community and some unspecified Akuapem Twi (Akan) speakers were studied and ...
    Master thesis
  • We the Balkanians: A critical analysis of the political discourse 

    Skenderi, Elsa (The University of Bergen, 2014-05-14)
    The Critical Discourse Analysis is a growing discipline which is being applied to various fields and subjects and the political discourse is one of the most prominent of those. This thesis based on Critical Discourse ...
    Master thesis
  • When Galba was still alive: A comparative study of Tacitean vocabulary and language 

    Hansen, Lars Normann (The University of Bergen, 2013-05-12)
    This thesis explores a particular Tacitean phrase, which occurs twice in his corpus. I argue that this phrase is intentionally ambiguous and reflects Tacitus' clever use of heightened rhetoric. "Incolumi adhuc Galba" ...
    Master thesis