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  • Arkaismar i nynorsken 

    Brunstad, Endre (Det Kongelige Norske Videnskabers Selskab, 2011)
    An “archaism” in this context means a word deemed obsolete or typical of an older period in language history, while being out of tune in present-day usage. Nynorsk has a tradition of purism, especially directed against ...
  • Is 1 always less than 2 in Norwegian tonal accents? 

    Kristoffersen, Gjert (Franz Steiner Verlag GmbH, Stuttgart, 2006)
    As in Swedish, a tonal accent distinction is found in most Norwegian dialects. The distinction is dependent on primary stress, so that any primary stress will be pronounced with one of the two melodies that manifest the ...
  • Jamvektseffekten En fonetisk analyse av jamvekt i nordgudbrandsdalsdialekten 

    Kristoffersen, Gjert (Novus forlag, 2007)
    Level stress (Norwegian: jamvekt) is a prosodic pattern found in Norwegian and Swedish dialects which have retained mono-moraic (short) root syllables from Old Norse. In disyllables with accent 2 and short initial root ...
  • Kva er god nynorsk språkføring? 

    Brunstad, Endre (Novus forlag, 2009)
    This article discusses perceptions of what is characterized as good written Nynorsk by persons with a close relationship to Nynorsk written culture. The material includes a survey of 67 informants, as well as a selection ...
  • Norsk andrespråkskorpus (ASK) - design og metodiske forutsetninger 

    Tenfjord, Kari; Hagen, Jon Erik; Johansen, Hilde (Novus forlag, 2009)
    Artikkelen gir en presentasjon av Norsk andrespråkskorpus (ASK) – et nytt elektronisk innlærerkorpus som er utviklet ved Universitetet i Bergen. Korpuset inneholder personopplysninger om og tekster skrevet av kandidater som ...
  • Språkverdiar 

    Brunstad, Endre (Novus forlag, 2007)