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  • Atmospheric boundary layers in storms: advanced theory and modelling applications 

    Zilitinkevich, Sergej S.; Esau, Igor N.; Baklanov, A. (European Geosciences Union/Copernicus, 2005-03-29)
    Turbulent planetary boundary layers (PBLs) control the exchange processes between the atmosphere and the ocean/land. The key problems of PBL physics are to determine the PBL height, the momentum, energy and matter fluxes ...
    Journal articlePeer reviewed
  • Vertical structure of recent arctic warming from observed data and reanalysis products 

    Alexeev, V. A.; Esau, Igor N.; Polyakov, Igor V.; Byam, S. J.; Sorokina, Svetlana (Springer, 2012-03)
    Spatiotemporal patterns of recent (1979–2008) air temperature trends are evaluated using three reanalysis datasets and radiosonde data. Our analysis demonstrates large discrepancies between the reanalysis datasets, ...
    Journal article