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  • Analysis of a low-level coastal jet off the western coast of Norway 

    Christakos, Konstantinos; Varlas, Georgios; Reuder, Joachim; Katsafados, Petros; Papadopoulos, Anastasios (Elsevier, 2014)
    Offshore wind installations depend strongly on an improved knowledge of the atmospheric and ocean conditions affecting the marine atmospheric boundary layer (MABL). In particular the better understanding of atmospheric ...
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  • Analysis of the vertical temperature structure in the Bergen valley, Norway, and its connection to pollution episodes, and its connection to pollution episodes 

    Wolf, Tobias; Esau, Igor; Reuder, Joachim (WileyAmerican Geophysical Union, 2014-09)
    The vertical temperature profile in the lowest 1000m of the atmosphere determines a number of important physical processes and meteorological phenomena such as high concentrations of anthropogenic air pollutants in urban ...
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  • The BLLAST field experiment: Boundary-Layer late afternoon and sunset turbulence 

    Lothon, Marie; Louhou, Fabienne; Pino, David; Couvreux, Fleur; Pardyjak, Erik; Reuder, Joachim; Vilà-Guerau De Arellano, Jordi; Durand, Pierre; Hartogensis, Oscar K.; Legain, Dominique; Augustin, Patrick V.; Gioli, Beniamino; Lenschow, Donald H.; Faloona, Ian C.; Yagüe, Carlos; Alexander, Daniel C.; Angevine, Wayne M.; Bargain, Erwan; Barrié, Joël; Bazile, Eric; Bezombes, Yannick; Blay-Carreras, Estel; Van De Boer, Anneke; Boichard, Jean Luc; Bourdon, Anne; Butet, Alain; Campistron, Bernard A.; De Coster, Olivier; Cuxart, Joan; Dabas, Alain M.; Darbieu, Clara; Deboudt, Karine; Delbarre, Hervé; Derrien, Solène; Flament, Pascal; Fourmentin, Marc; Garai, Anirban; Gibert, Fabien; Graf, Alexander T.; Gröbner, Julian; Guichard, Françoise; Jiménez, Mantonia Antonia; Jonassen, Marius Opsanger; Van Den Kroonenberg, Aline C.; Magliulo, Vincenzo; Martin, Sabrina; Martinez, Daniel; Mastrorillo, Laurence; Moene, Arnold F.; Molinos, Francisco Lendinez; Moulin, Emilie; Pietersen, Henk P.; Piguet, Bruno; Pique, Eric; Román-Cascón, Carlos; Rufin-Soler, Caroline; Saïd, Frédérique; Sastre-Marugán, Mariano; Seity, Yann; Steeneveld, Gert Jan; Toscano, Piero; Traullé, Olivier; Tzanos, Diane; Wacker, Stefan; Wildmann, Norman; Zaldei, Alessandro (Copernicus Publications, 2014-10-16)
    Due to the major role of the sun in heating the earth's surface, the atmospheric planetary boundary layer over land is inherently marked by a diurnal cycle. The afternoon transition, the period of the day that connects the ...
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  • A Comparison of LiDAR and Radiosonde Wind Measurements 

    Kumer, Valerie-Marie; Reuder, Joachim; Furevik, Birgitte Rugaard (2014)
    Doppler LiDAR measurements are already well established in the wind energy research and their accuracy has been tested against met mast data up to 100 m above ground. However, the new generation of scanning LiDAR have a ...
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  • Diurnal Circulation of the Bolivan Altiplano. Part I: Observations 

    Egger, Joseph; Blacutt, Luis; Ghezzi, Flavio; Heinrich, Richard; Kolb, Philip; Lämmlein, Stephan; Leeb, Martin; Mayer, Stephanie; Palenque, Eduardo; Reuder, Joachim; Schäper, Wolfgang; Schween, Jan; Torrez, Rene; Zaratti, Francesco (American Meteorological Society, 2005-04)
    In July and August 2003 a field campaign was conducted to explore the diurnal circulation of the Bolivian Altiplano. Vertical soundings by remote-controlled aircraft yielded profiles of temperature, pressure, and humidity ...
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  • Effects of altitude and aerosol on UV radiation 

    Pfeifer, M.; Koepke, P.; Reuder, Joachim (American Geophysical Union, 2006-01-10)
    Measurements of erythemally weighted UV radiation during about 600 days at different sites in Bolivia and Germany ranging from 550 to 5240 m above sea level have been used to derive the altitude effect AE under cloud-free ...
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  • Experimental characterization of the marine atmospheric boundary layer in the Havsul area, Norway 

    Christakos, Konstantinos; Reuder, Joachim; Furevik, Birgitte Rugaard (Elsevier, 2013)
    Offshore wind energy applications depend strongly on an improved knowledge of the physical processes taking place in marine atmospheric boundary layer (MABL). In particular the better understanding of the complex interactions ...
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  • First results of turbulence measurements in a wind park with the Small Unmanned Meteorological Observer SUMO 

    Reuder, Joachim; Jonassen, Marius Opsanger (Elsevier, 2012-01)
    The Small Unmanned Meteorological Observer (SUMO), equipped with a miniaturized 5-hole probe for turbulent flow measurements with 100 Hz temporal resolution, has for the first time been operated in and around a wind farm. ...
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  • FLOHOF 2007: an overview of the mesoscale meteorological field campaign at Hofsjökull, Central Iceland 

    Reuder, Joachim; Ablinger, Markus; Ágústsson, Hálfdán; Brisset, Pascal; Brynjólfsson, Sveinn; Garhammer, Markus; Jóhannesson, Tómas; Jonassen, Marius O.; Kühnel, Rafael; Lämmlein, Stephan; de Lange, Tor; Lindenberg, Christian; Malardel, Sylvie; Mayer, Stephanie; Müller, Martin; Ólafsson, Haraldur; Rögnvaldsson, Ólafur; Schäper, Wolfgang; Spengler, Thomas; Zängl, Günther; Egger, Joseph (Springer Vienna, 2012-04)
    The FLOHOF field campaign took place in the period July 21 to August 24, 2007 on and in the surroundings of Hofsjökull glacier in Central Iceland. During the campaign, 18 automatic weather stations (AWS) recording temperature, ...
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  • Preliminary results of the NORCOWE Direct Covariance Flux System for Ship based measurements 

    Flügge, Martin; Reuder, Joachim (Elsevier, 2013)
    To cover the increased demand of renewable energy the development of offshore wind turbines that can be placed in deep water has started. Model results from Sullivan et al. [2] indicate that the ocean has the ability to ...
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  • Sensor movement correction for direct turbulence measurements in the marine atmospheric boundary layer 

    Flügge, Martin; Reuder, Joachim; Edson, James (Elsevier, 2012)
    Understanding of the turbulent exchange processes between the ocean and the overlying atmosphere is essential for wind shear and turbulence structure of the Marine Atmospheric Boundary Layer (MABL). This is highly relevant ...
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  • Wave–induced characteristics of atmospheric turbulence flux measurements 

    Paskyabi, Mostafa Bakhoday; Flügge, Martin; Edson, James B.; Reuder, Joachim (Elsevier, 2013)
    In this paper, we present the air–sea flux of momentum obtained with the eddy correlation method applied to data measured from a moored discus buoy deployed approximately 600 m off a research Air Sea Interaction Tower ...
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