Recent Submissions

  • Can the European Union 2020 Strategy Deliver on Social Inclusion? 

    Petmesidou, Maria (University of Bergen / CROP, 2017-06-30)
    In 2010, amidst the financial and sovereign debt crisis, the launching of a novel European strategy for “smart, sustainable and inclusive growth” signalled a significant step in the European coordination strategies for ...
    Working paper
  • Social Connectedness and Poverty Eradication: A South African Perspective 

    Samuel, Kim; Uwizeyimana, Jacqueline Bagwiza (University of Bergen / CROP, 2017-05)
    Building on earlier work which argues that social isolation can be both a consequence of living in poverty and a cause of its persistence, this paper presents case studies of two South African programmes to illustrate how ...
    Working paper
  • Global Inequality and Global Poverty Since the Cold War. How robust is the optimistic narrative? 

    Edward, Peter; Sumner, Andy (University of Bergen / CROP, 2016-10)
    This paper considers how the growth in global consumption since the end of the Cold War, has impacted on the co-evolution of global inequality and poverty. It is often suggested that this era of growth has led to a dramatic ...
    Working paper