The Comparative Research Programme on Poverty (CROP) at the University of Bergen has a long-standing record of co-ordinating and facilitating publications on poverty. This CROP Series in International Poverty Studies encompasses books published in co-operation with academic publishers, Zed Books (London) and Ibidem Verlag (Stuttgart). CROP is also a collaborative partner for the publication series Global Challenges - Working Paper Series

Recent Submissions

  • Development and Sustainability: The Challenge of Social Change 

    Cimadamore, Alberto D.; Ottemöller, Fungisai P. Gwanzura; Lie, Gro Therese; Mittelmark, Maurice B.; Edwards, Mark G.; Delamonica, Enrique; Aringazina, Altyn; Chadborn, Neil; Springett, Jane; Zanella, Cristine Koehler (Zed Books, London, 2016-03-15)
    While the need for effective action toward a greener and socially inclusive economy has long been evident, health promotion in the context of sustainable development has faltered. Arguing that human health is the key factor ...
  • Poverty and the Millennium Development Goals: A Critical Look Forward 

    Cimadamore, Alberto D.; Koehler, Gabriele; Pogge, Thomas; Sundaram, Jomo Kvame; Rogers, Deborah S.; Balázs, Bálint; Ivanova, Maria; Escobar-Pemberthy, Natalia; Paes-Sousa, Rômulo; Jannuzzi, Paolo de Martino; Montes, Manuel F.; Campos, Thana; Duarte, Clarice; Soares, Inês Virginia; Boltvinik, Julio; Damián, Araceli; Deacon, Bob (Zed Books, London, 2016-02-15)
    As the Millennium Development Goals pass their 2015 deadline and the international community is discussing the future of international development policy, Poverty and the Millennium Development Goals brings together leading ...
  • Protecting the health of the poor: Social Movements in the South 

    Karan, Abraar; Sodhi, Geeta; Bernal, Luz Marina Umbasía; Appiagyei-Atua, Kwadwo; Velásquez, Germán; Sekher, T.V.; Kumar, Kaushalendra; Shijith, V.P.; Buenaventura, Francisco Rossi; Vélez, Luis Guillermo Restrepo; Arora, Monika; Tewari, Abha; Bassi, Shalini; Nazar, Gaurang P.; Juneja, Neeru S.; Harrell, Melissa B.; Perry, Cheryl L.; Reddy, K. Srinath; Sahu, Skylab; Pérez-Bustillo, Camilo; Pogge, Thomas (Zed Books, London, 2015-12-15)
    Despite the colossal amount of spending on health and healthcare programmes globally, why do massive inequalities in health remain, both within and between countries? Drawing on in-depth empirical research spanning Asia, ...
  • Poverty and Inequality in Middle Income Countries: Policy Achievements, Political Obstacles 

    Braathen, Einar; May, Julian; Ulriksen, Marianne S.; Wright, Gemma; Gordon, David; Nandy, Shailen; Pérez-Bustillo, Camilo; Halvorsen, Tor; Virk, Amrit Kaur; Oloruntoba, Samuel Ojo; Jordhus-Lier, David; Aasen, Berit; Sutherland, Catherine; Boy, Martín; Karriem, Abdulrazak; Pelissery, Sony; Mahana, Rajakishor (Zed Books, London, 2016-04-15)
    This collection offers a timely reassessment of viable ways of addressing poverty across the globe today. The profile of global poverty has changed dramatically over the past decade, and around three-quarters of the poor ...
  • Water and Development: Good Governance after Neoliberalism 

    Munck, Ronaldo; Mehta, Lyla; Movik, Synne; Swatuk, Larry A.; Mtisi, Sobona; Nicol, Alan; Macri, Gloria; Mugumya, Firminus; Rickard, Áine; Asingwire, Narathius; Asaba, Richard Bagonza; Fagan, Honor; Magala, Joyce Mpalanyi; Tembo, Mavuto D.; Lubwama, Michael; Corcoran, Brian; Sayers, Kimmitt; Hemson, David (Zed Books, London, 2015-09-15)
    Water has always been a crucial catalyst for human development. In Africa, competition among different sectors for this scarce resource remains a critical challenge to water managers and decision-makers. 'Water and ...