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  • On properties of bent and almost perfect nonlinear functions 

    Davidova, Diana (Doctoral thesis, 2021-09-14)
    (Vectorial) Boolean functions play an important role in all domains related to computer science, and in particular, in cryptography. The safety of a cryptosystem is quantified via some characteristics of (vectorial) Boolean ...
  • Population dynamic regulators in an empirical predator-prey system 

    Frank, Anna-Simone Josefine; Subbey, S.; Kobras, Melanie; Gjøsæter, H. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
    Capelin (Mallotus villosus) is a short-lived (1–4 years) fish species, that plays a crucial role by dominating the intermediate trophic level in the Barents Sea. Several episodes of extreme biomass decline (collapse) have ...
  • Algebraic Cryptanalysis of Cryptographic Schemes with Extension Field Structure 

    Øygarden, Morten (Doctoral thesis, 2021-09-06)
    Post-Quantum Cryptography studies cryptographic algorithms that quantum computers cannot break. Recent advances in quantum computing have made this kind of cryptography necessary, and research in the field has surged over ...
  • Design of sequences with good correlation properties 

    Zhang, Dan (Doctoral thesis, 2021-08-26)
    This thesis is dedicated to exploring sequences with good correlation properties. Periodic sequences with desirable correlation properties have numerous applications in communications. Ideally, one would like to have a set ...
  • Development and Evaluation of a Software System for Fire Risk Prediction 

    Halderaker, Eivind Dagsland; Evjenth, Andreas (Master thesis, 2021-06-01)
  • De-identification of medical images using object-detection models, generative adversarial networks and perceptual loss 

    Aasen, Malik; Mathisen, Fredrik Fidjestøl (Master thesis, 2021-06-01)
    Medical images play an essential role in the process of diagnostics and detection of a variety of diseases. Whether it being anatomical features or molecular cells, medical imaging help visualize and gain insight into the ...
  • Using Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning to Explore Clinical Notes 

    Grinde, Anders Benjamin; Johansen, Bendik Mathias (Master thesis, 2021-06-02)
    In recent years, the deep learning community and technology have grown substantially, both in terms of research and applications. However, some application areas have lagged behind. The medical domain is an example of a ...
  • Topological Quantum and Skein-Theoretic Aspects of Braided Fusion Categories 

    Valera, Sachin Jayesh (Doctoral thesis, 2021-08-27)
    The first part of this thesis is dedicated to the study of anyons and exchange symmetry. We discuss the theory of identical particles and recap the standard algebraic framework for describing the exchange statistics of ...
  • Towards a deeper understanding of APN functions and related longstanding problems 

    Kaleyski, Nikolay Stoyanov (Doctoral thesis, 2021-08-24)
    This dissertation is dedicated to the properties, construction and analysis of APN and AB functions. Being cryptographically optimal, these functions lack any general structure or patterns, which makes their study very ...
  • Development of two-photon polymerised scaffolds for optical interrogation and neurite guidance of human iPSC-derived cortical neuronal networks 

    Crowe, J. A.; El-Tamer, A.; Nagel, D.; Koroleva, A. V.; Madrid-Wolff, J.; Olarte, O. E.; Sokolovsky, S.; Estevez-Priego, E.; Ludl, Adriaan-Alexander; Soriano, J.; Loza-Alvarez, P.; Chichkov, B. N.; Hill, E. J.; Parri, H. R.; Rafailov, E. U. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
    Recent progress in the field of human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) has led to the efficient production of human neuronal cell models for in vitro study. This has the potential to enable the understanding of live ...
  • Visual exploration of large normal mode spaces to study protein flexibility 

    Bedoucha, Pierre; Reuter, Nathalie; Hauser, Helwig; Byska, Jan (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020-05-22)
    When studying the function of proteins, biochemists utilize normal mode decomposition to enable the analysis of structural changes on time scales that are too long for molecular dynamics simulation. Such a decomposition ...
  • Extending balance assessment for the generalized propensity score under multiple imputation 

    Frank, Anna-Simone; Matteson, David S.; Solvang, Hiroko Kato; Lupattelli, Angela; Nordeng, Hedvig Marie Egeland (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
    This manuscript extends the definition of the Absolute Standardized Mean Difference (ASMD) for binary exposure (M = 2) to cases for M > 2 on multiple imputed data sets. The Maximal Maximized Standardized Difference (MMSD) ...
  • Towards a Polynomial Kernel for Directed Feedback Vertex Set 

    Bergougnoux, Benjamin; Eiben, Eduard; Ganian, Robert; Ordyniak, Sebastian; Ramanujan, M. S. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
    In the DIRECTED FEEDBACK VERTEX SET (DFVS) problem, the input is a directed graph D and an integer k. The objective is to determine whether there exists a set of at most k vertices intersecting every directed cycle of D. ...
  • Mathematical Modeling and Simulation Provides Evidence for New Strategies of Ovarian Stimulation 

    Fischer, Sophie; Ehrig, Rainald; Schäfer, Stefan; Tronci, Enrico; Mancini, Toni; Egli, Marcel; Ille, Fabian; Krüger, Tillmann H. C.; Leeners, Brigitte; Röblitz, Susanna (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
    New approaches to ovarian stimulation protocols, such as luteal start, random start or double stimulation, allow for flexibility in ovarian stimulation at different phases of the menstrual cycle. It has been proposed that ...
  • Finite and Confident Teaching in Expectation: Sampling from Infinite Concept Classes 

    Hernández-Orallo, José; Telle, Jan Arne (Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications;325, Chapter, 2020)
    We investigate the teaching of infinite concept classes through the effect of the learning prior (which is used by the learner to derive posteriors giving preference of some concepts over others and by the teacher to devise ...
  • Close Relatives of Feedback Vertex Set Without Single-Exponential Algorithms Parameterized by Treewidth 

    Bergougnoux, Benjamin; Bonnet, Édouard; Brettell, Nick; Kwon, O-Joung (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
    The Cut & Count technique and the rank-based approach have lead to single-exponential FPT algorithms parameterized by treewidth, that is, running in time 2^𝒪(tw)n^𝒪(1), for Feedback Vertex Set and connected versions of ...
  • On decoding additive generalized twisted Gabidulin codes 

    Kadir, Wrya; Li, Chunlei (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
    In this paper, we consider an interpolation-based decoding algorithm for a large family of maximum rank distance codes, known as the additive generalized twisted Gabidulin codes, over the finite field Fqn for any prime ...
  • Measures in Visualization Space 

    Bolte, Fabian; Bruckner, Stefan (Chapter, 2020)
    Measurement is an integral part of modern science, providing the fundamental means for evaluation, comparison, and prediction. In the context of visualization, several different types of measures have been proposed, ranging ...
  • The directed 2-linkage problem with length constraints 

    Bang-Jensen, J.; Bellitto, Thomas; Lochet, William; Yeo, A. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
  • The differential spectrum of a ternary power mapping 

    Xia, Yongbo; Zhang, Xianglai; Li, Chunlei; Helleseth, Tor (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
    A function f(x)from the finite field GF(pn)to itself is said to be differentially δ-uniform when the maximum number of solutions x ∈GF(pn)of f(x +a) −f(x) =bfor any a ∈GF(pn)∗and b ∈GF(pn)is equal to δ. Let p =3and d =3n−3. ...

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