• Cultural Appropriation of Computers in Norway 1980-2000 

      Corneliussen, Hilde G. (Chapter, 2007)
      This article discusses how the discourse of computers developed in Norwegian culture between 1980 and 2000 based on empirical material from the largest Norwegian newspaper, Aftenposten. The discourse analysis illustrates ...
    • The Non-sense of Gender in Neverwinter Nights 

      Corneliussen, Hilde G.; Mortensen, Torill Elvira (Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2005)
    • Ord/Kjønn - ei lesing av Arne Lygre sin forfattarskap 

      Myklebust, Lars Andreas Ervik (Master thesis, 2018-06-16)
      I oppgåva Ord/Kjønn – ei lesing av Arne Lygre sin dramatiske forfattarskap undersøkjer eg korleis Arne Lygre sine karakterar problematiserer kjønn i dei tre skodespela Mamma og meg og menn (1998), Dager under (2008) og Jeg ...
    • Walking, Haunting, and Affirmative Aesthetics: The Case of Women without Men 

      Ceuterick, Maud Eurydice (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020-01-22)
      Walking and ‘haunting space’ have become means of political and aesthetic resistance to the invisibility or inhospitality that women face in the public sphere. Power imbalance in spatial habitation—‘power-geometry’ in ...