• Blogging from inside the ivory tower 

      Walker, Jill (Digital Formations 38, Chapter, 2006-08)
    • Mirrors and Shadows: The Digital Aestheticisation of Oneself 

      Walker, Jill (Proceedings, Digital Arts and Culture 2005, Conference lecture, 2005-12)
      Digital cameras have made self-portraits increasingly common, and frequently we post our self-portraits online. This paper compares online photographic self-portraiture with self-representations in weblogs and the creation ...
    • Weblogs: Learning in Public 

      Walker, Jill (Journal article, 2005-06-01)
      Purpose – Seeks to exemplify and discuss how students’ use of weblogs can prepare them for a networked world where writing has consequences outside grades. Design/methodology/approach – Experiences using weblogs with ...