• Recommendation on use of wind lidars 

      Reuder, Joachim; Cheynet, Etienne; Clifton, Andrew; van Dooren, Marijn Floris; Gottschall, Julia; Jakobsen, Jasna Bogunovic; Mann, Jakob; Palma, Jose; Schlipf, David; Sjøholm, Mikael; Trujillo, Juan-Jose; Thobois, Ludovic; Würth, Ines; Zasso, Alberto (Research report, 2021)
    • A two-layer model for linear stability analysis of shelf-slope currents. 

      Teigen, Sigurd Henrik (Research report, 2011)
      A method for obtaining the normal mode solution of a linear two-layer system over sloping topography has been derived and implemented, providing a basic tool for analysing the disper- sion relation and modal structure of ...