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  • Aspects of the Digital Library 

    Garnes, Kari; Landøy, Ane; Repanovici, Angela; Bagge, Bjørn-Arvid; Åsmul, Anne B.; Kongshavn, Halvor; Sivertssen, Svenn; Tonning, Anne Sissel V.; Torras, Maria-Carme; Skagen, Therese; Bakka, Pål Hermod; Jones, Richard; Kyrkjebø, Rune; Greve, Solveig; Mikki, Susanne; Stangeland, Elin (Alvheim & Eide, 2006)
  • DSpace AddOn and Component Management System 

    Jones, Richard (2006-04-24)
    With moves towards increasing the modularity of DSpace, and the idea that DSpace should act, at least in part, like a platform for repository activities, it is necessary to consider how to manage extensions to the core ...
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  • Institutional repositories 

    Jones, Richard (Alvheim & Eide, 2006)