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Arctic/Atlantic exchanges via the Subpolar Gyre

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Show simple item record Langehaug, Helene Reinertsen eng Medhaug, Iselin eng Eldevik, Tor eng Otterå, Odd Helge eng 2011-12-13T10:28:01Z 2011-12-13T10:28:01Z 2012 eng
dc.identifier.issn 0894-8755 eng
dc.description.abstract In the present study we investigate the decadal variability in the strength and shape of the Subpolar Gyre (SPG) in a 600-year pre-industrial simulation using the Bergen Climate Model. The atmospheric influence on the SPG strength is reflected in the variability of Labrador Sea Water (LSW), which is largely controlled by the North Atlantic Oscillation, the first mode of the North Atlantic atmospheric variability. A combination of the amount of LSW, the overflow from the Nordic Seas, and the second mode of atmospheric variability, the East Atlantic Pattern, explains 44% of the modeled decadal variability in the SPG strength. A prior increase in these components leads to an intensified SPG in the western subpolar region. Typically, an increase of one standard deviation (std) of the overflow (1 std = 0.2 Sv, 1 Sv = 106 m−3 s−1) corresponds to an intensification of about one half std of the SPG strength (1 std = 2 Sv). A similar response is found for an increase of one std in the amount of LSW, and simultaneously the strength of the North Atlantic Current increases by one half std (1 std = 0.9 Sv). en
dc.language.iso eng eng
dc.publisher American Meteorological Society eng
dc.relation.ispartof <a href="" target="blank">Circulation and transformation of Atlantic and Arctic water masses in climate models</a> en
dc.subject Subpolar gyre eng
dc.subject Bergen Climate Model eng
dc.title Arctic/Atlantic exchanges via the Subpolar Gyre eng
dc.type Journal article eng
dc.subject.nsi VDP::Mathematics and natural science: 400::Geosciences: 450::Oceanography: 452 eng
dc.rights.holder Copyright 2012 American Meteorological Society
dc.type.version publishedVersion eng
bora.peerreviewed Peer reviewed eng
bora.journalTitle Journal of Climate eng
bibo.volume 25 eng
bibo.issue 7 eng
bibo.pageStart 2421 eng
bibo.pageEnd 2439 eng
bora.cristinID 895415 eng
bibo.doi eng
dc.identifier.cristinID 895415 eng

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