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dc.contributor.authorTuntland, Hanneen_US
dc.contributor.authorAaslund, Mona Kristinen_US
dc.contributor.authorEspehaug, Birgitteen_US
dc.contributor.authorFørland, Oddvaren_US
dc.contributor.authorKjeken, Ingvilden_US
dc.PublishedBMC Geriatrics 2015, 15(145)eng
dc.description.abstractBackground: There has been an increasing interest in reablement in Norway recently and many municipalities have implemented this form of rehabilitation despite a lack of robust evidence of its effectiveness. The aim of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of reablement in home-dwelling older adults compared with usual care in relation to daily activities, physical functioning, and health-related quality of life. Methods: This is a parallel-group randomised controlled trial conducted in a rural municipality in Norway. Sixty-one home-dwelling older adults with functional decline were randomised to an intervention group (n = 31) or a control group (n = 30). The intervention group received ten weeks of multicomponent home-based rehabilitation. The Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM) was used to measure self-perceived activity performance and satisfaction with performance. In addition, physical capacity and health-related quality of life were measured. The participants were assessed at baseline and at 3- and 9-month follow-ups. Results: There were significant improvements in mean scores favouring reablement in COPM performance at 3 months with a score of 1.5 points (p = 0.02), at 9 months 1.4 points (p = 0.03) and overall treatment 1.5 points (p = 0.01), and for COPM satisfaction at 9 months 1.4 points (p = 0.03) and overall treatment 1.2 points (p = 0.04). No significant group differences were found concerning COPM satisfaction at 3 months, physical capacity or health-related quality of life. Conclusion: A 10-week reablement program resulted in better activity performance and satisfaction with performance on a long-term basis, but not the other outcomes measured. Trial registration: The trial was registered in November 20, 2012, identifier NCT02043262. Keywords: Rehabilitation, Activities of daily living, Older adults, COPM, Randomised controlled trialen_US
dc.publisherBioMed Centraleng
dc.relation.ispartof<a href="" target="blank">Reablement in home-dwelling older adults</a>
dc.rightsAttribution CC BYeng
dc.subjectActivities of daily livingeng
dc.subjectOlder adultseng
dc.subjectRandomised controlled trialeng
dc.titleReablement in community-dwelling older adults: a randomised controlled trialen_US
dc.typePeer reviewed
dc.typeJournal article
dc.rights.holderCopyright 2015 the authors
dc.relation.projectNorges forskningsråd: 229757

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