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dc.contributor.authorAlme, Johan
dc.contributor.authorErdal, Hege Austrheim
dc.contributor.authorHelstrup, Håvard
dc.contributor.authorHetland, Kristin Fanebust
dc.contributor.authorKileng, Bjarte
dc.contributor.authorAltinpinar, Sedat
dc.contributor.authorDjuvsland, Øystein
dc.contributor.authorFehlker, Dominik
dc.contributor.authorHaaland, Øystein Senneset
dc.contributor.authorHuang, Meidana
dc.contributor.authorLangøy, Rune
dc.contributor.authorLien, Jørgen
dc.contributor.authorLiu, Lijiao
dc.contributor.authorNystrand, Joakim
dc.contributor.authorRehman, Attiq ur
dc.contributor.authorRøed, Ketil
dc.contributor.authorRøhrich, Dieter
dc.contributor.authorSkjerdal, Kyrre
dc.contributor.authorSzostak, Artur Krzysztof
dc.contributor.authorUllaland, Kjetil
dc.contributor.authorWagner, Boris
dc.contributor.authorYang, Shiming
dc.contributor.authorØvrebekk, Gaute
dc.contributor.authorDordic, Olja
dc.contributor.authorEyyubova, Gyulnara
dc.contributor.authorLindal, Svein
dc.contributor.authorLøvhøiden, Gunnar
dc.contributor.authorMilosevic, Jovan
dc.contributor.authorNilsson, Mads Stormo
dc.contributor.authorPocheptsov, Timur Anatolievich
dc.contributor.authorQvigstad, Henrik
dc.contributor.authorRichter, Matthias Rudolph
dc.contributor.authorSkaali, Toralf Bernhard
dc.contributor.authorTveter, Trine Spedstad
dc.contributor.authorWikne, Jon Christopher
dc.contributor.authorAbelev, Betty
dc.contributor.authorAbrahantes Quintana, Arian
dc.contributor.authorAdam, Jaroslav
dc.contributor.authorAdamová, Dagmar
dc.contributor.authorAdare, Andrew Marshall
dc.contributor.authorAggarwal, Madan M.
dc.contributor.authorAglieri Rinella, Gianluca
dc.contributor.authorAgocs, Andreas Gabor
dc.contributor.authorAgostinelli, Andrea
dc.contributor.authorAguilar Salazar, Saul
dc.contributor.authorAhammed, Zubayer
dc.contributor.authorAhmad, Nazeer
dc.contributor.authorAhmad Masoodi, Arshar
dc.contributor.authorAhn, Sang Un
dc.contributor.authorAkindinov, Alexander
dc.PublishedAlme J, Erdal HA, Helstrup H, Hetland KF, Kileng B, Altinpinar S, Djuvsland Ø, Fehlker D, Haaland ØS, Huang M, Langøy R, Lien JA, Liu L, Nystrand J, Rehman, Røed K, Røhrich D, Skjerdal K, Szostak AK, Ullaland K, Wagner B, Yang S, Øvrebekk G, Dordic O, Eyyubova G, Lindal S, Løvhøiden G, Milosevic J, Nilsson MS, Pocheptsov TA, Qvigstad H, Richter M, Skaali TB, Tveter TS, Wikne JC, Abelev B, Abrahantes Quintana A, Adam J, Adamová D, Adare AM, Aggarwal MM, Aglieri Rinella G, Agocs AG, Agostinelli A, Aguilar Salazar S, Ahammed Z, Ahmad N, Ahmad Masoodi A, Ahn SU, Akindinov A. Production of K*(892)(0) and phi(1020) in pp collisions at root s=7 TeV. European Physical Journal C. 2012;72:2183eng
dc.description.abstractThe production of K*(892)\).0\) and \(\phi\).1020) in pp collisions at \(\sqrt{s}\).7 TeV was measured by the ALICE experiment at the LHC. The yields and the transverse momentum spectra \(d^2 N/dydp_T\) at midrapidity |y|<0.5 in the range 0 < \(p_T\) < 6 GeV/c for K*(892)\).0\) and 0.4 < \(p_T\) < 6 GeV/c for \(\phi\).1020) are reported and compared to model predictions. Using the yield of pions, kaons, and Omega baryons measured previously by ALICE at \(\sqrt{s}\).7 TeV, the ratios \(K^*/K^-, \phi/K^*, \phi/K^-, \phi/\pi^-\). and \(\Omega + anti-\Omega)/\phi\) are presented. The values of the \(K^*/K^-, \phi/K^*\) and \(\phi/K^-\) ratios are similar to those found at lower centre-of-mass energies. In contrast, the \(\phi/\pi^-\) ratio, which has been observed to increase with energy, seems to saturate above 200 GeV. The \(\Omega + anti-\Omega)/\phi\) ratio in the \(p_T\) range 1-5 GeV/c is found to be in good agreement with the prediction of the HIJING/\).\bar{B}\) v2.0 model with a strong colour field.en_US
dc.rightsAttribution CC BYeng
dc.titleProduction of \(K*(892)^0\) and \(\phi\)(1020) in pp collisions at \(\sqrt{s}\) =7 TeVen_US
dc.typePeer reviewed
dc.typeJournal article
dc.rights.holderCopyright CERN for the benefit of the ALICE collaboration 2012en_US
dc.source.journalEuropean Physical Journal C
dc.subject.nsiVDP::Matematikk og naturvitenskap: 400::Fysikk: 430::Kjerne- og elementærpartikkelfysikk: 431
dc.subject.nsiVDP::Mathematics and natural scienses: 400::Physics: 430::Nuclear and elementary particle physics: 431

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