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dc.contributor.authorAcharya, Shreyasi
dc.contributor.authorAdam, Jaroslav
dc.contributor.authorAdamová, Dagmar
dc.contributor.authorAdolfsson, Jonatan
dc.contributor.authorAggarwal, Madan M.
dc.contributor.authorAglieri Rinella, Gianluca
dc.contributor.authorAgnello, Michelangelo
dc.contributor.authorAgrawal, Nikita
dc.contributor.authorAhammed, Zubayer
dc.contributor.authorAhmad, N.
dc.contributor.authorAhn, S.U.
dc.contributor.authorAiola, Salvatore
dc.contributor.authorAkindinov, Alexander
dc.contributor.authorAlam, SN
dc.contributor.authorAlba, José Luis Bazo
dc.contributor.authorAlbuquerque, D.S.D.
dc.contributor.authorAleksandrov, Dimitry
dc.contributor.authorAlessandro, Bruno
dc.contributor.authorAlfaro Molina, José Rubén
dc.contributor.authorAlici, Andrea
dc.contributor.authorAlkin, A.
dc.contributor.authorAlme, Johan
dc.contributor.authorAltenkaemper, Lucas
dc.contributor.authorArsene, Ionut Christian
dc.contributor.authorBätzing, Paul Christoph
dc.contributor.authorDjuvsland, Øystein
dc.contributor.authorDordic, Olja
dc.contributor.authorHelstrup, Håvard
dc.contributor.authorHetland, Kristin Fanebust
dc.contributor.authorKileng, Bjarte
dc.contributor.authorLangøy, Rune
dc.contributor.authorLardeux, Antoine Xavier
dc.contributor.authorLien, Jørgen André
dc.contributor.authorLindal, Svein
dc.contributor.authorLønne, Per-Ivar
dc.contributor.authorMahmood, Sohail Musa
dc.contributor.authorMilosevic, Jovan
dc.contributor.authorNesbø, Simon Voigt
dc.contributor.authorNystrand, Joakim
dc.contributor.authorRehman, Attiq Ur
dc.contributor.authorRichter, Matthias Rudolph
dc.contributor.authorRøed, Ketil
dc.contributor.authorRøhrich, Dieter
dc.contributor.authorSkaali, Toralf Bernhard
dc.contributor.authorTambave, Ganesh Jagannath
dc.contributor.authorTveter, Trine Spedstad
dc.contributor.authorUllaland, Kjetil
dc.contributor.authorVelure, Arild
dc.contributor.authorWagner, Boris
dc.contributor.authorWikne, Jon Christopher
dc.contributor.authorZhang, Hui
dc.contributor.authorZhao, Chengxin
dc.contributor.authorZhou, Zhuo
dc.contributor.authorZhu, Hongsheng
dc.contributor.authorALICE, Collaboration
dc.PublishedAcharya S, Adam J, Adamová D, Adolfsson J, Aggarwal MM, Aglieri Rinella G, Agnello M, Agrawal N, Ahammed Z, Ahmad N, Ahn S, Aiola S, Akindinov A, Alam S, Alba JLB, Albuquerque D, Aleksandrov D, Alessandro B, Alfaro Molina JR, Alici A, Alkin A, Alme J, Altenkaemper L, Arsene IC, Bätzing P, Djuvsland Ø, Dordic O, Helstrup H, Hetland KF, Kileng B, Langøy R, Lardeux AX, Lien JA, Lindal S, Lønne P, Mahmood SM, Milosevic J, Nesbø SV, Nystrand J, Rehman AU, Richter M, Røed K, Røhrich D, Skaali TB, Tambave GJ, Tveter TS, Ullaland K, Velure A, Wagner B, Wikne JC, Zhang H, Zhao C, Zhou Z, Zhu H, ALICE C. D-meson nuclear modification factor and elliptic flow measurements in Pb–Pb collisions at √sNN=5.02TeV with ALICE at the LHC. Nuclear Physics A. 2017;967:612-615eng
dc.description.abstractALICE measured the nuclear modification factor \(R_{AA}\) and elliptic flow \(\nu_{2}\) of D mesons \(D^{0}\). \(D^{+}\). \(D^{⁎+}\) and \(D^{s+}\) in semi-central Pb–Pb collisions at \(\sqrt{s_{NN}} =5.02\) TeV. The increased amount of data in semi-central Pb–Pb events obtained with the LHC Run 2 provides access to more precise measurements for the \(R_{AA}\) and the non-strange D-meson \(\nu_{2}\) with respect to Run 1 results, as well as to the first measurement of the \(D_{s}\) -meson \(\nu_{2}\) at LHC energies. The first application of the Event Shape Engineering technique in the analysis of the \(\nu_{2}\) coefficient of \(D^{0}\) and \(D^{+}\) mesons is also illustrated.en_US
dc.rightsAttribution CC BYeng
dc.subjectQuark-gluon plasmaeng
dc.subjectRelativistic heavy-ion collisionseng
dc.subjectHeavy-quark productioneng
dc.subjectCollective floweng
dc.titleD-meson nuclear modification factor and elliptic flow measurements in Pb–Pb collisions at \(\sqrt {s_{NN}}\) = 5.02TeV with ALICE at the LHCen_US
dc.typePeer reviewed
dc.typeJournal article
dc.rights.holderCopyright 2017 The Author(s)en_US
dc.source.journalNuclear Physics A

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Attribution CC BY
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