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dc.contributor.authorBudaghyan, Lilyaeng
dc.contributor.authorCarlet, Claudeeng
dc.PublishedDesigns, Codes and Cryptography 1-19en_US
dc.description.abstractWe observe that the CCZ-equivalence of bent vectorial functions over F2nFn2 (n even) reduces to their EA-equivalence. Then we show that in spite of this fact, CCZ-equivalence can be used for constructing bent functions which are new up to EA-equivalence and therefore to CCZ-equivalence: applying CCZ-equivalence to a non-bent vectorial function F which has some bent components, we get a function F′ which also has some bent components and whose bent components are CCZ-inequivalent to the components of the original function F. Using this approach we construct classes of nonquadratic bent Boolean and bent vectorial functions.en_US
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial CC BY-NCeng
dc.subjectAffine equivalenceeng
dc.subjectBent functioneng
dc.subjectBoolean functioneng
dc.subjectAlmost perfect nonlineareng
dc.titleCCZ-equivalence of bent vectorial functions and related constructionsen_US
dc.typePeer reviewed
dc.typeJournal article
dc.rights.holderThe Author(s) 2010en_US
dc.rights.holderCopyright The Author(s) 2010. This article is published with open access at Springerlink.comen_US
dc.subject.nsiVDP::Mathematics and natural science: 400en_US

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