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A system of national indicators for academic libraries in Norway - tools for evaluation?

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Show simple item record Landøy, Ane eng 2012-09-19T12:48:52Z 2012-09-19T12:48:52Z 2012
dc.description Presented at IFLA Pre-Conference Library's Efficiency, Impact and Outcomes in Turku, Finland, August 8. and 9. 2012. eng
dc.description.abstract Objective: The objective of this paper is to show what challenges academic libraries in Norway face, when it comes to evaluation of efficiency, impact and outcomes with indicators as tools for management and decision-making. Background: Part of the paper is based on a study of approimately 75 leaders of academic libraries in Norway, and on a report from testing of national indicators, done by five academic libraries. Method: Data was collected through an electronic survey. Results: The results include the library leaders’ perception of challenges when it comes to goals and quality and how to use them for support of decision-making and management, as well as using indicators for marketing the libraries. Also, there is a discussion on the practical use of the national indicators for academic libraries, based on testing performed at Humanities/Social Sciences-branches of five university libraries. Conclusion: The key conclusions include suggestions for development of management skills and tools for the leaders of academic libraries. eng
dc.language.iso eng eng
dc.publisher Ane Landøy eng
dc.rights Copyright the author. All rights reserved eng
dc.title A system of national indicators for academic libraries in Norway - tools for evaluation? eng
dc.type Conference object eng

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