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Analysis of Trivium Using Compressed Right Hand Side Equations

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Show simple item record Schilling, Thorsten Ernst eng Raddum, Håvard eng 2012-11-19T11:52:08Z 2012-11-19T11:52:08Z 2012 eng
dc.identifier.citation Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 7259: 18-32 eng
dc.identifier.isbn 978-3-642-31912-9 eng
dc.description.abstract We study a new representation of non-linear multivariate equations for algebraic cryptanalysis. Using a combination of multiple right hand side equations and binary decision diagrams, our new representation allows a very efficient conjunction of a large number of separate equations. We apply our new technique to the stream cipher Trivium and variants of Trivium reduced in size. By merging all equations into one single constraint, manageable in size and processing time, we get a representation of the Trivium cipher as one single equation. eng
dc.language.iso eng eng
dc.publisher Springer Berlin Heidelberg eng
dc.subject Multivariate equation system eng
dc.subject BDD eng
dc.subject Algebraic cryptanalysis eng
dc.subject Trivium eng
dc.title Analysis of Trivium Using Compressed Right Hand Side Equations eng
dc.type Peer reviewed eng
dc.type Chapter eng
dc.rights.holder Copyright Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg. All rights reserved.
dc.type.version acceptedVersion eng
bora.peerreviewed Peer reviewed eng
bibo.doi eng

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