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  • Testing a Flexible Method to Reduce False Monsoon Onsets 

    Reeve, Mathew Alexander; Spengler, Thomas; Chu, Pao-Shin (PLoS, 2014-08-08)
    To generate information about the monsoon onset and withdrawal we have to choose a monsoon definition and apply it to data. One problem that arises is that false monsoon onsets can hamper our analysis, which is often ...
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  • Thunderstorms in Norway. A climatological and a case study 

    Granerød, Martin (The University of Bergen, 2011-06-01)
    The object of this thesis are thunderstorms in Norway. In the first part, the variability of thunderstorms in time and space is investigated, based on synoptic observations from 60 weather stations in Norway. An analysis ...
    Master thesis
  • Tidally induced internal motion in an Arctic fjord 

    Støylen, Eivind; Fer, Ilker (Copernicus Publications, 2014-01-10)
    The internal response in a stratified, partially enclosed basin subject to semi-diurnal tidal forcing through a narrow entrance is investigated. The site is located above the critical latitude where linear internal waves ...
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  • Tides Structures and Mixing along the Mozambique Coast 

    Nhapulo, Candida Ines Sete (The University of Bergen, 2010-06-01)
    The resolution of environment problems suggests the study of tidal structures and mixing along the Mozambique Coast. Sofala Bank is the area with more available information for this study. Tides along the Mozambique ...
    Master thesis
  • Topographic effects on CO2, diffusion and dissolution from the seafloor 

    Rygg, Kristin; Enstad, Lars Inge; Alendal, Guttorm; Haugan, Peter Mosby (Elsevier, 2009-02)
    At 3000 meters depth liquid CO2 is denser than seawater and hence will be stored as a “lake” on the deep ocean floor, which is expected to gradually be dissolved in seawater. Ocean currents and turbulence will influence ...
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  • Topographic Effects on Strong Winds in Southern Norway; A Case Study of the Storm Dagmar 

    Solbrekke, Ida Marie (The University of Bergen, 2014-06-02)
    During the 25th of December 2011 a strong low pressure system struck Soutwestern Norway. This rapidly evolving system got the name "Dagmar". The aim of this thesis was to find out how the complex topography in Southern ...
    Master thesis
  • Topographically Controlled Flow in the Isfjorden Trough and the West Spitsbergen Shelf 

    Vaardal-Lunde, Juni (The University of Bergen, 2011-11-20)
    A one layer numerical model demonstrates how the Atlantic Water (AW) from the West Spitsbergen Current (WSC) is topographically steered onto the West Spitsbergen Shelf (WSS) with a special emphasise on the Isfjorden Trough. ...
    Master thesis
  • Tracking Summer Extra-Tropical Storms: A Climatological Overview and Variability in the Northern Hemisphere 

    Mesquita, Michel dos Santos (The University of Bergen, 2006-05-04)
    Master thesis
  • Transport of inorganic carbon through, within, and below the ocean surface 

    Lauvset, Siv Kari (The University of Bergen, 2011-03-11)
    Human emissions of CO2 through the burning of fossil fuel, cement production, and land use change have increased the atmospheric CO2 concentration by 39 % since 1750. Without the large uptake of anthropogenic CO2 by the ...
    Doctoral thesis
  • Transport Upscaling in Porous Media 

    Nedreli, Anette Cathrine (The University of Bergen, 2014-06-02)
    Numerical models are important for modeling what happens in porous media. In this thesis we will simulate the heat transport in geothermal reservoirs. Because these reservoirs are usually quite large, we will make a model ...
    Master thesis
  • Trends in extreme precipitation and the influence by meteorological parameters following the RCP8.5 scenario over 2 catchments in India 

    Soldal, Ingri Halland (The University of Bergen, 2015-06-02)
    The Historical1 simulation (1960-2000) and the RCP8.5 scenario (2060-2100) from the NorESM are used to investigate trends in extreme precipitation, as well as the impact from vertical velocity, specific humidity, divergence ...
    Master thesis
  • Tuning the Diet of North-East Arctic Cod in the Barents Sea - An Exploration with the end-to-end Model ATLANTIS 

    Jähkel, Anne (The University of Bergen, 2013-06-03)
    This thesis explores the feeding relationships of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) on its major prey species within the Barents Sea using the newly developed Atlantis model for the region. Atlantis is an end-to-end model ...
    Master thesis
  • Turbulence and heat exchange under ice 

    Sirevaag, Anders (The University of Bergen, 2003)
    Turbulent fluxes of heat and salt were measured under sea ice at four different locations around Spitsbergen. In Kongsfjorden on West Spitsbergen additional measurements of heat fluxes in the ice and in the atmosphere were ...
    Master thesis
  • Turbulence Measurements in Shallow Water from a Subsurface Moored Moving Platform 

    Paskyabi, Mostafa Bakhoday; Fer, Ilker (Elsevier, 2013)
    Preliminary results are presented from a moored, autonomous instrument measuring the upper ocean turbulent dissipation rate together with the surface gravity wave field. Observations are made in the area approximately 30 ...
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  • Turbulence structure in the upper ocean: a comparative study of observations and modeling 

    Paskyabi, Mostafa Bakhoday; Fer, Ilker (Springer, 2014-04)
    Observations of turbulent dissipation rates measured by two independent instruments are compared with numerical model runs to investigate the injection of turbulence generated by sea surface gravity waves. The ...
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  • Turbulent diffusion and transport from a CO2 lake in the deep ocean 

    Haugan, Peter Mosby; Alendal, Guttorm (American Geophysical Union, 2005-09-21)
    If liquid CO2 is stored as a dense ‘‘lake’’ on the deep ocean floor, it is expected to dissolve in seawater. Ocean currents and turbulence can increase the net rate of CO2 release by several orders of magnitude compared ...
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  • A two-layer model for linear stability analysis of shelf-slope currents. 

    Teigen, Sigurd Henrik (The University of Bergen, 2011)
    A method for obtaining the normal mode solution of a linear two-layer system over sloping topography has been derived and implemented, providing a basic tool for analysing the disper- sion relation and modal structure ...
    Research report
  • Uncertainties in Arctic sea ice thickness and volume: new estimates and implications for trends 

    Zygmuntowska, Marta; Rampal, Pierre; Ivanova, Natalia; Smedsrud, Lars Henrik (Copernicus Publications on behalf of the European Geosciences Union, 2014-04-22)
    Sea ice volume has decreased in the last decades, evoked by changes in sea ice area and thickness. Estimates of sea ice area and thickness rely on a number of geophysical parameters which introduce large uncertainties. ...
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  • Unusual subduction zones: Case studies in Colombia and Iran 

    Zarifi, Zoya (The University of Bergen, 2007-02-16)
    Subduction zones, usually, are plate boundaries with the highest level of seismic activity. However, the distribution of seismicity in these plate margins is not uniform in the frequency and magnitude. Some margins produce ...
    Doctoral thesis
  • An update to the Surface Ocean CO2 Atlas (SOCAT version 2) 

    Bakker, Dorothee C.E.; Pfeil, Benjamin; Olsen, Are; Chierici, Melissa; Fransson, Agneta; Johannessen, Truls; Lauvset, Siv Kari; Skjelvan, Ingunn; Tjiputra, Jerry (Copernicus Publications, 2014-03-07)
    The Surface Ocean CO2 Atlas (SOCAT), an activity of the international marine carbon research community, provides access to synthesis and gridded fCO2 (fugacity of carbon dioxide) products for the surface oceans. Version 2 ...
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