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dc.contributor.authorGjertsen, Jan Eriken_US
dc.contributor.authorFenstad, Anne Marieen_US
dc.contributor.authorLeonardsson, Olofen_US
dc.contributor.authorEngesæter, Lars B.en_US
dc.contributor.authorKärrholm, Johanen_US
dc.contributor.authorFurnes, Oveen_US
dc.contributor.authorGarellick, Göranen_US
dc.contributor.authorRogmark, Ceciliaen_US
dc.description.abstractNational registration of hemiarthroplasties after hip fractures has been established in both Norway and Sweden. We aimed to investigate differences in demographics, choice of implant selection, surgical approaches, and reoperations between the Norwegian Hip Fracture Register (NHFR) and the Swedish Hip Arthroplasty Register (SHAR). As part of the Nordic Arthroplasty Register Association (NARA) project a common hemiarthroplasty dataset has been established. 36,989 primary hemiarthroplasties (HAs) for acute hip fractures reported to NHFR (n = 12,761) and SHAR (n = 24,228) for the period 2005-2010 were included. Cemented prostheses were used in 78% of the operations in Norway and in 95% of the patients in Sweden. In Norway HAs almost exclusively had bipolar design (98%), whereas in Sweden HAs with unipolar design were used in 42% of the cases. Monoblock (non-modular) prostheses were uncommon, but still more frequently used in Sweden than in Norway (6.9% and 2.1% respectively). The lateral approach was more common in Norway (83%) than in Sweden (52%), where the posterior approach was used in 42% of the cases. The five-year survival of all HAs was 95.5% (95% CI: 94.8-96.2) in Norway and 94.8% (95% CI: 94.4-95.3) in Sweden. We concluded that surprisingly large differences between the two countries in demographics, implant design, and surgical technique had been revealed. This common dataset enables further investigations of the impact of these differences on revision rates and mortality.en_US
dc.publisherWichtig Publishingeng
dc.rightsAttribution CC BY-NC-NDeng
dc.subjectHip fractureseng
dc.titleHemiarthroplasties after hip fractures in Norway and Sweden: A collaboration between the Norwegian and Swedish national registriesen_US
dc.typePeer reviewed
dc.typeJournal article
dc.rights.holderCopyright 2014 The Authors
dc.source.journalHIP International
dc.subject.nsiVDP::Medisinske fag: 700::Klinisk medisinske fag: 750::Ortopedisk kirurgi: 784
dc.subject.nsiVDP::Midical sciences: 700::Clinical medical sciences: 750::Orthopaedic surgery: 784

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