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  • CDR2 antigen and Yo antibodies 

    Totland, Cecilie; Aarskog, Nina K.; Eichler, Tilo W.; Haugen, Mette; Nøstbakken, Jane K.; Monstad, Sissel E.; Salvesen, Helga B.; Mørk, Sverre; Haukanes, Bjørn Ivar; Vedeler, Christian A. (2011)
    Paraneoplastic cerebellar degeneration (PCD) is often associated with Yo antibodies that are directed against human cerebellar degeneration-related protein 2 (CDR2). Such antibodies may also be found in ovarian cancer ...
    Peer reviewedJournal article
  • The Dynamics and Prognostic Potential of DNA Methylation Changes at Stem Cell Gene Loci in Women's Cancer 

    Zhuang, Joanna; Jones, Allison; Lee, Shih-Han; Ng, Esther; Fiegl, Heidi; Zikan, Michal; Cibula, David; Sargent, Alexandra; Salvesen, Helga B.; Jacobs, Ian J.; Kitchener, Henry C.; Teschendorff, Andrew E.; Widschwendter, Martin (Public Library of Science, 2012-02-09)
    Aberrant DNA methylation is an important cancer hallmark, yet the dynamics of DNA methylation changes in human carcinogenesis remain largely unexplored. Moreover, the role of DNA methylation for prediction of clinical ...
    Peer reviewedJournal article
  • High-Throughput Mutation Profiling of Primary and Metastatic Endometrial Cancers Identifies KRAS, FGFR2 and PIK3CA to Be Frequently Mutated 

    Krakstad, Camilla; Birkeland, Even; Seidel, Danila; Kusonmano, Kanthida; Petersen, Kjell; Mjøs, Siv; Høivik, Erling Andre; Wik, Elisabeth; Halle, Mari Kyllesø; Øyan, Anne Margrete; Kalland, Karl-Henning; Werner, Henrica Maria Johanna; Trovik, Jone; Salvesen, Helga B. (Public Library of Science, 2012-12-27)
    Background: Despite being the most common pelvic gynecologic malignancy in industrialized countries, no targeted therapies are available for patients with metastatic endometrial carcinoma. In order to improve treatment, ...
    Peer reviewedJournal article
  • Integrated Genomic Analysis of the 8q24 Amplification in Endometrial Cancers Identifies ATAD2 as Essential to MYC-Dependent Cancers 

    Ræder, Maria B.; Birkeland, Even; Trovik, Jone; Krakstad, Camilla; Shehata, Shyemaa; Schumacher, Steven; Zack, Travis I.; Krohn, Antje; Werner, Henrica Maria Johanna; Moody, Susan E.; Wik, Elisabeth; Stefansson, Ingunn; Holst, Frederik; Øyan, Anne Margrete; Tamayo, Pablo; Mesirov, Jill P.; Kalland, Karl-Henning; Akslen, Lars A.; Simon, Ronald; Beroukhim, Rameen; Salvesen, Helga B. (Public Library of Science, 2013-02-05)
    Chromosome 8q24 is the most commonly amplified region across multiple cancer types, and the typical length of the amplification suggests that it may target additional genes to MYC. To explore the roles of the genes most ...
    Peer reviewedJournal article
  • KRAS gene amplification and overexpression but not mutation associates with aggressive and metastatic endometrial cancer 

    Birkeland, Even; Wik, Elisabeth; Mjøs, Siv; Høivik, Erling Andre; Trovik, Jone; Werner, Henrica Maria Johanna; Kusonmano, Kanthida; Petersen, Kjell; Ræder, Maria B.; Holst, Frederik; Øyan, Anne Margrete; Kalland, Karl-Henning; Akslen, Lars A.; Simon, Ronald; Krakstad, Camilla; Salvesen, Helga B. (Cancer Research UK and Nature Publishing Group, 2012)
    BACKGROUND: Three quarter of endometrial carcinomas are treated at early stage. Still, 15 to 20% of these patients experience recurrence, with little effect from systemic therapies. Homo sapiens v-Ki-ras2 Kirsten rat ...
    Peer reviewedJournal article