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dc.contributor.authorAskeland, Cecilie
dc.contributor.authorWik, Elisabeth
dc.contributor.authorFinne, Kenneth
dc.contributor.authorBirkeland, Even
dc.contributor.authorArnes, Jarle
dc.contributor.authorCollett, Karin
dc.contributor.authorKnutsvik, Gøril
dc.contributor.authorKrüger, Kristi
dc.contributor.authorDavidsen, Benedicte
dc.contributor.authorAas, Turid
dc.contributor.authorEide, Geir Egil
dc.contributor.authorStefansson, Ingunn
dc.contributor.authorFoulkes, William
dc.contributor.authorAkslen, Lars A.
dc.PublishedScientific Reports. 2020, 10 .
dc.description.abstractStudies indicate that stathmin expression associates with PI3K activation in breast cancer, suggesting stathmin as a marker for targetable patient subgroups. Here we assessed stathmin in relation to tumour proliferation, vascular and immune responses, BRCA1 germline status, basal-like differentiation, clinico-pathologic features, and survival. Immunohistochemical staining was performed on breast cancers from two series (cohort 1, n = 187; cohort 2, n = 198), and mass spectrometry data from 24 cases and 12 breast cancer cell lines was examined for proteomic profiles. Open databases were also explored (TCGA, METABRIC, Oslo2 Landscape cohort, Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia). High stathmin expression associated with tumour proliferation, p53 status, basal-like differentiation, BRCA1 genotype, and high-grade histology. These patterns were confirmed using mRNA data. Stathmin mRNA further associated with tumour angiogenesis, immune responses and reduced survival. By logistic regression, stathmin protein independently predicted a BRCA1 genotype (OR 10.0, p = 0.015) among ER negative tumours. Cell line analysis (Connectivity Map) implied PI3K inhibition in tumours with high stathmin. Altogether, our findings indicate that stathmin might be involved in the regulation of tumour angiogenesis and immune responses in breast cancer, in addition to tumour proliferation. Cell data point to potential effects of PI3K inhibition in tumours with high stathmin expression.en_US
dc.publisherNature Researchen_US
dc.rightsNavngivelse 4.0 Internasjonal*
dc.titleStathmin expression associates with vascular and immune responses in aggressive breast cancer subgroupsen_US
dc.typeJournal articleen_US
dc.typePeer revieweden_US
dc.rights.holderCopyright 2020 The Author(s)en_US
dc.source.journalScientific Reportsen_US
dc.identifier.citationScientific Reports. 2020, 10, 2914en_US

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Navngivelse 4.0 Internasjonal
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