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    • Tournaments and Optimality: New Results in Parameterized Complexity 

      Pilipczuk, Michal Pawel (Doctoral thesis, 2013-11-22)
    • Towards a deeper understanding of APN functions and related longstanding problems 

      Kaleyski, Nikolay Stoyanov (Doctoral thesis, 2021-08-24)
      This dissertation is dedicated to the properties, construction and analysis of APN and AB functions. Being cryptographically optimal, these functions lack any general structure or patterns, which makes their study very ...
    • Towards a multilevel model transformation engine 

      Johnsen, Leif Arne Røyrøy (Master thesis, 2017)
      Domain specific modelling languages (DSML) are usually defined through fixed level meta modelling tools such as EMF. While this is sufficient for defining languages that has no overlap with other languages, the approach ...
    • Towards a Polynomial Kernel for Directed Feedback Vertex Set 

      Bergougnoux, Benjamin; Eiben, Eduard; Ganian, Robert; Ordyniak, Sebastian; Ramanujan, M. S. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
      In the DIRECTED FEEDBACK VERTEX SET (DFVS) problem, the input is a directed graph D and an integer k. The objective is to determine whether there exists a set of at most k vertices intersecting every directed cycle of D. ...
    • Towards a Secure Framework for mHealth. A Case Study in Mobile Data Collection Systems 

      Gejibo, Samson Hussien (Doctoral thesis, 2015-11-05)
      The rapid growth in the mobile communications technology and wide cellular coverage created an opportunity to satisfy the demand for low-cost health care solutions. Mobile Health (a.k.a. mHealth) is a promising health ...
    • Towards a Spreadsheet-Based Language Workbench 

      Barash, Mikhail (Chapter, 2021)
      Spreadsheets are widely used across industries for various purposes, including for storing and manipulating data in a structured form. Such structured forms—expressed using tabular notation—have found their way in language ...
    • Towards Advanced Interactive Visualization for Virtual Atlases 

      Smit, Noeska Natasja; Bruckner, Stefan (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2019)
      An atlas is generally defined as a bound collection of tables, charts or illustrations describing a phenomenon. In an anatomical atlas for example, a collection of representative illustrations and text describes anatomy ...
    • (Towards an) Implementation of a Graphical Editor for Diagrammatic Predicate Logic in the Eclipse Platform 

      Skjerveggen, Stian (Master thesis, 2008)
      The primary goal of this master's thesis is to explore how the Eclipse Platform can be beneficial for the Generic Diagrammatic Software Specification project, and how a graphical editor in the Eclipse Platform can be put ...
    • Towards Correct Modelling and Model Transformation in DPF 

      Wang, Xiaoliang (Doctoral thesis, 2016-06-14)
      Model-driven engineering (MDE) is a model-centric software development methodology. It promotes models as first-class entities in software de- velopment. Models are used to represent software along software devel- opment ...
    • Towards Efficient Algorithms in Algebraic Cryptanalysis 

      Schilling, Thorsten Ernst (Doctoral thesis, 2012-08-09)
    • Towards Optimal Data Transmission by Network Coding 

      Ravanbakhsh, Mohammad (Doctoral thesis, 2009-12-16)
      Communication protocols based on coded schemes and, in particular, network coding promise increased efficiency for future networks. The field is still young. Nevertheless, many important results have been already obtained. ...
    • Towards Privacy Managment of Information Systems 

      Drageide, Vidar (Master thesis, 2009-06-02)
      This masters thesis provides insight into the concept of privacy. It argues why privacy is important, and why developers and system owners should keep privacy in mind when developing and maintaining systems containing ...
    • Towards stronger Lagrangean bounds for stable spanning trees 

      Samer, Phillippe; Haugland, Dag (Chapter, 2022)
      Given a graph G=(V,E) and a set C of unordered pairs of edges regarded as being in conflict, a stable spanning tree in G is a set of edges T inducing a spanning tree in G, such that for each {e_i, e_j} in C, at most one ...
    • Transversals of longest paths 

      Cerioli, Marcia R.; Fernandes, Cristina G.; Gómez, Renzo; Gutiérrez, Juan; Lima, Paloma T. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020-03)
      Let lpt(G) be the minimum cardinality of a transversal of longest paths in G, that is, a set of vertices that intersects all longest paths in a graph G. There are several results in the literature bounding the value of ...
    • Trådløse applikasjoner til hjelp for synshemmede 

      Maldonado, Isabel Chambi (Master thesis, 2008)
      Det eksisterer fremdeles grupper i dagens teknologiske samfunn som trenger hjelpemidler for å utføre dagligdagse oppgaver. Det er fremdeles enkelte i dagens teknologiske samfunn som trenger hjelpemidler for å utføre ...
    • Treewidth is NP-Complete on Cubic Graphs 

      Bodlaender, Hans L.; Bonnet, Édouard; Jaffke, Lars; Knop, Dusan; Lima, Paloma Thome de; Milanič, Martin; Ordyniak, Sebastian; Pandey, Sukanya; Suchy, Ondrey (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2023)
      In this paper, we show that Treewidth is NP-complete for cubic graphs, thereby improving the result by Bodlaender and Thilikos from 1997 that Treewidth is NP-complete on graphs with maximum degree at most 9. We add a new ...
    • Trends & Opportunities in Visualization for Physiology: A Multiscale Overview 

      Garrison, Laura Ann; Kolesar, Ivan; Viola, Ivan; Hauser, Helwig; Bruckner, Stefan (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2022)
      Combining elements of biology, chemistry, physics, and medicine, the science of human physiology is complex and multifaceted. In this report, we offer a broad and multiscale perspective on key developments and challenges ...
    • Triplicate functions 

      Budaghyan, Lilya; Ivkovic, Ivana; Kaleyski, Nikolay Stoyanov (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2022)
      We define the class of triplicate functions as a generalization of 3-to-1 functions over \(\mathbb {F}_{2^{n}}\) for even values of n. We investigate the properties and behavior of triplicate functions, and of 3-to-1 among ...
    • Twinning-by-Construction: Ensuring Correctness for Self-adaptive Digital Twins 

      Kamburjan, Eduard; Din, Crystal Chang; Schlatte, Rudolf; Tapia Tarifa, Silvia Lizeth; Johnsen, Einar Broch (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2022)
      Digital twin applications use digital artefacts to twin physical systems. The purpose is to continuously mirror the structure and behavior of the physical system, such that users can analyse the physical system by means ...
    • Two New Families of Quadratic APN Functions 

      Li, Kangquan; Zhou, Yue; Li, Chunlei; Qu, Longjiang (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2022)