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  • Equality of Opportunity and Inheritance Taxation 

    Bøyum, Steinar; Pedersen, Jørgen (Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2023)
    In this chapter, the relationship between inheritance and equality of opportunity is examined within the context of the increasing socioeconomic inequality in recent years. While equality of opportunity is often cited as ...
  • Wittgenstein on Mathematical Symbolism: A Response to Stenlund’s Historical Interpretation 

    Sætre, Martin Gullvåg (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2023)
    In recent work, Sören Stenlund (2015) contextualizes Wittgenstein’s philosophy of mathematics as aligned with the tradition of symbolic mathematics. In the early modern era, mathematicians began using purely formal methods ...
  • Premature Death as a Normative Concept 

    Sørheim, Preben; Barra, Mathias; Norheim, Ole Frithjof; Gamlund, Espen; Solberg, Carl Tollef (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2024)
    The practical goal of preventing premature death seems uncontroversial. But the term ‘premature death’ is vague with several, sometimes conflicting definitions. This ambiguity results in several conceptions with which not ...
  • Reactivity in the Human Sciences 

    Marchionni, Caterina; Zahle, Julie; Godman, Marion (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2024)
    The reactions that science triggers on the people it studies, describes, or theorises about, can affect the science itself and its claims to knowledge. This phenomenon, which we call reactivity, has been discussed in many ...
  • Why the Moral Equality Account of Hypocrisy Does Not Fail After All 

    Vogt, David G. C. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2024)
    The Moral Equality Account of Hypocrisy (ME) is a prominent theory of why hypocrites lack moral standing to blame. Hypocrites make exceptions for themselves and thereby implicitly deny moral equality, which is an essential ...
  • Logical Instrumentalism and Anti-exceptionalism about Logic 

    Commandeur, Leon (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2023)
    This paper critically examines logical instrumentalism as it has been put forth recently in the anti-exceptionalism about logic debate. I will argue that if one wishes to uphold the claim that logic is significantly similar ...
  • The Partially Impartial Spectator 

    Sivertsen, Sveinung (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2023)
    According to Adam Smith, we appeal to the imagined reactions of an ‘impartial spectator’ when justifying moral judgements of others and aspire to be impartial spectators when making judgements of ourselves. However, ...
  • Personargumenter mot stortingspolitikere 

    Ulvenes, Åsmund (Master thesis, 2024-02-01)
    Sammendrag Denne oppgaven handler om bruk av personargumenter mot stortingspolitikere. Argumentasjonsteoretisk regnes personargumenter vanligvis som feilslutninger, fordi de forkaster en uttalelse på grunn av den som ...
  • Interactive Dynamic Presentation (IDP) and Semantic Faceted Search and Browsing (SFB) of the Wittgenstein Nachlass 

    Pichler, Alois (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2023)
    In 2000 the Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen (WAB) published the CD-ROM edition of Wittgenstein’s Nachlass: The Bergen Electronic Edition (BEE). Moreover, since then WAB has worked towards complementing ...
  • Wittgenstein on the Anthropological Grounds of Mathematics 

    Sætre, Martin Gullvåg (Doctoral thesis, 2023-12-01)
    Ludwig Wittgensteins senere syn på matematikk har vært gjenstand for omfattende debatt innenfor filosofien. Denne avhandlingen tar for seg en kritisk gjennomgang av forskjellige alternative tolkninger av de relevante ...
  • Kan sjølvmord vere rasjonelle? Og i så fall, kva vil det seie for nullvisjonen for sjølvmord? 

    Hommedal, Eirik Austefjord (Master thesis, 2023-09-01)
    I 2020 fremja regjeringa ein nullvisjon for sjølvmord i Noreg. I denne avhandlinga argumenterer eg for at eit normativt ideal om null sjølvmord ikkje kan vere riktig, då rasjonelle sjølvmord faktisk er moglege. For å ...
  • Social Rights at Work 

    Tomalty, Jesse (Chapter, 2022)
    This chapter explores connections between social rights and labour rights within a human rights framework. Social human rights tend to be marginalized both in philosophical debates about human rights and in international ...
  • The PC Algorithm and the Inference to Constitution 

    Casini, Lorenzo; Baumgartner, Michael Clemens (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2023)
    Gebharter has proposed using one of the best known Bayesian network causal discovery algorithms, PC, to identify the constitutive dependencies underwriting mechanistic explanations. His proposal assumes that mechanistic ...
  • Glaube und Aberglaube nach Wittgenstein: Zu nonkognitiven Deutungen der Grammatik des religiösen Glaubens 

    Pichler, Alois (Chapter, 2023)
    Der Beitrag diskutiert, inwieweit eine generell nonkognitiv ausgerichtete Deutung von religiösen Glaubenssätzen der tatsächlichen Grammatik dieser Sätze gerecht wird. Die Antwort ist nein. Nonkognitivistische Ansätze sind ...
  • Reactivity and Good Data in Qualitative Data Collection 

    Zahle, Julie (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2023)
    Reactivity in qualitative data collection occurs when a researcher generates data about a situation with reactivity, that is, a situation in which the ongoing research affects the research participants such that they, say, ...
  • Überlieferung. Editionsgeschichte. Zugangsmöglichkeiten 

    Pichler, Alois (Chapter, 2022)
    Außer der kurzen Besprechung eines Logikbuches (RC 1913), der Logisch-Philosophischen Abhandlung (TLP 1921, publ. 1922; deutsch-englisch als Tractatus logico-philosophicus 1922), dem Wörterbuch für Volksschulen (WB 1926), ...
  • The weak variable sharing property 

    Øgaard, Tore Fjetland (Journal article, 2023)
    An algebraic type of structure is shown forth which is such that if it is a characteristic matrix for a logic, then that logic satisfies Meyer's weak variable sharing property. As a corollary, it is shown that RM and all ...
  • Arbeidslivet. Eksposisjon 

    Venneslan, Knut (Book, 2005)
  • Brief Notes on Solidarity and Political Imagination 

    Hansteen, Hans Marius (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2023)

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