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    • (Towards an) Implementation of a Graphical Editor for Diagrammatic Predicate Logic in the Eclipse Platform 

      Skjerveggen, Stian (Master thesis, 2008)
      The primary goal of this master's thesis is to explore how the Eclipse Platform can be beneficial for the Generic Diagrammatic Software Specification project, and how a graphical editor in the Eclipse Platform can be put ...
    • Towards Correct Modelling and Model Transformation in DPF 

      Wang, Xiaoliang (Doctoral thesis, 2016-06-14)
      Model-driven engineering (MDE) is a model-centric software development methodology. It promotes models as first-class entities in software de- velopment. Models are used to represent software along software devel- opment ...
    • Towards Efficient Algorithms in Algebraic Cryptanalysis 

      Schilling, Thorsten Ernst (Doctoral thesis, 2012-08-09)
    • Towards Optimal Data Transmission by Network Coding 

      Ravanbakhsh, Mohammad (Doctoral thesis, 2009-12-16)
      Communication protocols based on coded schemes and, in particular, network coding promise increased efficiency for future networks. The field is still young. Nevertheless, many important results have been already obtained. ...
    • Towards Privacy Managment of Information Systems 

      Drageide, Vidar (Master thesis, 2009-06-02)
      This masters thesis provides insight into the concept of privacy. It argues why privacy is important, and why developers and system owners should keep privacy in mind when developing and maintaining systems containing ...
    • Trådløse applikasjoner til hjelp for synshemmede 

      Maldonado, Isabel Chambi (Master thesis, 2008)
      Det eksisterer fremdeles grupper i dagens teknologiske samfunn som trenger hjelpemidler for å utføre dagligdagse oppgaver. Det er fremdeles enkelte i dagens teknologiske samfunn som trenger hjelpemidler for å utføre ...
    • Two-tensor Fiber Tractography 

      Bergmann, Ørjan; Kindlmann, Gordon; Peled, Sharon; Westin, Carl-Fredrik (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2007)
      Estimating white matter fiber pathways from a diffusion tensor MRI dataset has many important applications in medical research. However, the standard approach of performing tracking on single-tensor estimates per voxel is ...
    • A type system for counting instances of software components 

      Bezem, Marcus A.; Hovland, Dag; Truong, Anh Hoang (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2012)
      We identify an abstract language for component software based on process algebra. Besides the usual operators for sequential, alternative and parallel composition, it has primitives for instantiating components and for ...
    • A Type System for the Safe Instantiation of Components 

      Bezem, Marcus A.; Truong, Anh Hoang (Proceedings of FOCLASA 2003, the Foundations of Coordination Languages and Software Architectures, Journal article, 2003-09-02)
      Component composition can lead to multiple instances of the same component. Some components can have only one instance loaded at a time, for example, when a unique external resource is used. We give an abstract component ...
    • A Type System for Usage of Software Components 

      Hovland, Dag (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2009)
      The aim of this article is to support component-based software engineering by modelling exclusive and inclusive usage of software components. Truong and Bezem describe in several papers abstract languages for component ...
    • Type Systems for Guaranteeing Resource Bounds of Component Software 

      Truong, Anh Hoang (Doctoral thesis, 2006-05-15)
      Since the early days of the development of programming languages, people have been developing various methods to reduce the runtime errors of software programs. These methods range from static analysis, testing to runtime ...
    • Type Systems for Resource Use in Component Software 

      Hovland, Dag (Master thesis, 2006)
      In many situations a programmer must be concerned with resources which are not accounted and controlled completely by the programming language. These could be external physical resources, like a printer or a screen, it ...
    • Typical Sequences Revisited – Computing Width Parameters of Graphs 

      Bodlaender, Hans L.; Jaffke, Lars; Telle, Jan Arne (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
      In this work, we give a structural lemma on merges of typical sequences, a notion that was introduced in 1991 [Lagergren and Arnborg, Bodlaender and Kloks, both ICALP 1991] to obtain constructive linear time parameterized ...
    • User-configurable, high-level transformations with CodeBoost 

      Kalleberg, Karl Trygve (Master thesis, 2003)
      Scalable design of large applications requires domain-specific, high-level abstraction. Classically, there has been a tension between abstraction and good performance. We demonstrate how to overcome this tension by augmenting ...
    • Using 3D functionality available in current web-browsers to create and visualize geological models. 

      Malt, Øystein Ivar (Master thesis, 2017-07-11)
      This thesis investigates the possibility of using modern web technologies to develop accessible applications for interactive covisualization of geological data such as topography, seismic slices and measurements from wells. ...
    • Using Heat and Ceilometer to create an elastic OpenStack grid 

      Trippler, Niklas (Master thesis, 2017-06-21)
      Grid computing is a term for connecting computing resources together to solve large computational problems. Computational grids are used for a lot of computations within the high energy physics domain, where the amount of ...
    • Using registries to integrate bioinformatics tools and services into workbench environments 

      Ménager, Hervé; Kalaš, Matúš; Rapacki, Kristoffer; Ison, Jon (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2015)
      The diversity and complexity of bioinformatics resources presents significant challenges to their localisation, deployment and use, creating a need for reliable systems that address these issues. Meanwhile, users demand ...
    • Using Smart Cards to Mitigate Security Threats on Mobile Devices 

      Sivertsgård, Henrik Mathisen (Master thesis, 2016-05-31)
      This master thesis developed and tested the idea that smart cards are able to help mitigate security threats on mobile devices that are handling sensitive data. Investigating the limitations of smart cards is a fundamental ...
    • Utilizing the HTM algorithms for weather forecasting and anomaly detection 

      Vivmond, Alexandre (Master thesis, 2016-11-17)
      Various studies have utilized different artificial neural networks (ANN) for weather forecasting. This thesis examines how well the official implementation of a novel online ANN called the Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM) ...
    • Utvidelse og formell sikkerhetsanalyse av Dynamic Presentation Generator 

      Vines, Aleksander (Master thesis, 2013-05-02)
      Oppgaven omhandler sikkerhetsproblematikk i Dynamic Presentation Generator og undersøker muligheten for å bruke en single-sign-on via Mi side.